FSP on the Pseudblogging thing

June 7, 2009

In case you missed it, the Doyenne has an interesting observation up which tends to contradict my usual assumption (and warning) about pseud blogging. I hold it to be a self-evident truth that if someone who knows the pseudonymous blogger in question runs across the blog it will be readily apparent to that reader just who the author is. Perhaps not always.

Something that I find very funny but kind of bizarre is when someone sends me a link to FSP or a copy of a post or even part of The FSP Book with a note saying that I might find this relevant, interesting, or funny.

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  1. I got an email from a colleague once that said that Isis had my shoes.


  2. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    I thought this comment by FSP was interesting:
    it has fascinated me that their non-anonymous blogging voice is different from their anonymous blogging voice — not just the topics, but the writing style and tone.
    I’m curious whether this stimulated any introspection on the part of any bloggers here. I can imaging DM sounding basically the same in person as he blogs, since his writing and comments seem painfully reasonable. Comrade? Not so much.
    At best our textual representations can only be a facet of who we really are, and are in any case likely also colored by masks of pseudonymity. Unless Isis really is some weird campy version of Imelda Marcos.


  3. I’m curious whether this stimulated any introspection on the part of any bloggers here.

    I’m curious why you obsessively unburden yourself here. Logorrheic fuckwads like you tend to start their own blogs. What are you afraid of? That you’ll be ignored like when you were a little boy?


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    Painfully reasonable, indeed. You have me pegged.


  5. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    I have no freaking clue what absurd psychological defect compels me to type into these stupid comment boxes. I guess it’s like taking a crap every morning, except I actually get to see where my shit goes. Maybe I’m still struggling with the traumas of potty training.
    Blogging doesn’t interest me. There are enough blogs in the world. Most of them annoy me, and even the ones I most like annoy me sometimes. In any case, I honestly I don’t think I have anything unique to contribute anyway. I easily find what I would aspire to be scattered around in other blogs.
    As long as we’re psychoanalyzing, why do you get so worked up over comments, anyway? Is this the church of DrugMonkey, where we’re supposed to sit in silence and listen you you guys sermonize? I read your rulez for posting over at Isis’ blog. I get that there are lots of things you don’t like. Fine. But what do you like? Please don’t say you want this place to be like your other blog, because that blog sucks. You should rename that site “HTML flatulence from a foulmouthed geek.” Seriously. Crap like that is part of what turns me off the idea of blogging. It’s like a destitute victim of a pyramid scam telling me I ought to start a business.


  6. Alex Says:

    I comment on science blogs under my real name but without any further identification, to protect my privacy while establishing an online identity consistent with my real self, in case I decide to pursue further contact with the colleagues I meet on scientific blogs.
    However, I have another online identity (no, I’ve never used it here, and I never will) and a blog under that identity (the blog is more about politics than professional matters). Interestingly, the people who know my other identity can find the real me very easily, while the people who know the real me have googled in vain and never found my blog. I google-stalk myself periodically, to see if people who know me could come up with search terms that lead to my blog. Amazingly enough, my identity is quite safe. Still, I fear what will happen the day my blog identity is discovered. I’ve used it for a while, and when I was younger and foolish I commented on other blogs (no, not scientific blogs) and said a lot of personal stuff to people I’ve gotten to know quite well.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I too have wondered whether CPP is like his blog self in real life. I sometimes think I know who he/she is, but am usually flummoxed by the fact that no one I know talks like that. Of course, it’s widely known that I’m a shrinking violet, so people I actually know might have secret selves they never reveal to me.


  8. Kim Hannula Says:

    I’m sitting here imagining reading a proposal written in CPP-speak. (Is it appropriate to use the term “fucktillion” in a grant proposal?)
    Too bad I’m not in a bio-med field.


  9. DuWayne Says:

    For the record, it is entirely possible to be an absolutely foulmouthed fucking asshole and also be capable of maintaining a professional demeanor and producing formal writing, when it happens to be fucking appropriate. It is even possible to earn motherfucking respect from people you have to deal with in a professional capacity, even when they have been the target of your ire and know your fucking capable of a naughty word here and there…
    I for one, would love to see the term “fucktillion” in a grant proposal – or better, a paper…
    (I do occasionally have to delete a few fucks here and there)


  10. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Searching PubMed (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=PubMed) for “fuck” will grant your wish. It’s pretty amusing. I chuckled at the title of a certain cancer study, a treatise on medical school events, and a very unfortunately-named yeast biologist.


  11. Isabel Says:

    After reading Isis’ exhibitionist, hyper-assertive blog for some time, and being offended by her over-the-top aggressive reaction to Professor Anon’s recent innocent post, I was shocked to hear her tales (in a recent post of hers) of being offensively sniffed and repeatedly man-handled by men she knows and apparently passively accepting it. And these were events that happened recently, to a mature woman, not an undergrad. Talk about a disconnect! Although her passivity in real life could explain her hostile reactions on-line.


  12. After reading Isis’ exhibitionist, hyper-assertive blog for some time

    You don’t have to read it. You don’t have to read it. You don’t have to read it. You don’t have to read it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ IT!
    Why is it so hard for you trolls to grasp this simple fact?! It’s like you genuinely think you fucking own every blog whose author you’re madly, frothingly jealous of you strenuously disagree with!

    Although her passivity in real life could explain her hostile reactions on-line

    You don’t know the first thing about Isis, you unutterably despicable loon.


  13. Isabel Says:

    I read her blog for amusement, if it’s any of your business. And I found her attack on PA offensive. I thought his post was amusing and insightful, and was irritated that he submissively took it down. Where were you -why didn’t you tell her exactly what you just told me? Does she own PA’s blog? Why read my comments? This isn’t even your blog! And who the fuck are you to analyze me? Like I wish I was a ditzy Carrie Bradshaw wannabe. Jeez, girl. I think my point still stands, as far as her real life story (if it was true) contrasting with her on-line persona, and she certainly opens herself up to criticism, at least in terms of her brand of “feminism.” Her stories were shocking in that regard, it was like she was suggesting that women need to passively put up with that behavior – and they certainly do not.


  14. becca Says:

    Wondering about whether someone’s online persona is like there real life persona is sometimes entertaining (but then, on that “what person from history would you like to invite to dinner” question, I’ve always thought of Mark Twain as a good choice).
    That said, it doesn’t matter if you’re psudeononymous or use your real name; it doesn’t matter if people know you exclusively online or in real life- most of us don’t really grok each other most of the time.


  15. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    I dunno, becca. I think the dichotomies between real and online life can be quite fascinating. Online, for example, I am a faculty member with a successful biomedical research program at a large state university. In real life, however, I am a bored minimum security inmate with only two years of college education serving 21 years for robbery and second degree murder.
    I don’t know what’s more difficult — getting a first R01 in today’s funding climate or finding out that they really do keep a sawed-off twelve gauge behind the bar.


  16. zayıflama Says:

    I easily find what I would aspire to be scattered around in other blogs.


  17. Isabel is back!!! That wacky little nutter!!!!


  18. Isabel Says:

    I haven’t gone anywhere – I guess if people aren’t talking about you they don’t exist?
    And while I’m a proud eccentric, I’m not the one who pretends to be a goddess and tries to control the internet.
    BTW it was really creepy the way you spitefully revealed my location and then published a sanctimonious post about how much you respect others’ anonymity, and then deleted my legitimate comment about the post.


  19. Becca, I think you’re right on the money.


  20. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Who the hell is Isabel? I love that these blogs are soap operas with lots of characters popping in and out. Is Isabel sleeping with CPP behind DM’s back? Will Isis wake from her coma in time to finger the killer?
    Isis deleted a post of mine that chastised her recently too, Isabel. A very well written and convincing argument too, if I do say so myself (and I do. I most certainly do.)
    I am not about to defend Isis’ police state tactics on her blog, because I think they’re silly and short-sighted and reveal some deep-seated insecurities that she’d be better off discarding. But It’s her blog. It’s her baby. Her ‘publication’, if you will. Newsweek and Nature don’t have to publish all my Letters to the Editor, and Isis doesn’t have to publish all my comments. Therefore, like some crazed ACLU madman, I am willing to die to defend her right to use police state tactics at her blog if she wants. Do you hear me? DIE! I will DIE for you, Isis! I will throw myself from the front ranks of your devoted followers at any enemy that dares threaten your editorial might.
    That means you, Isabel. You are in my crosshairs, baby. Watch your step. There is no escape.


  21. Isabel Says:

    I was referring to the sickening situation with PA I mentioned earlier in the thread. Did you even read the thread before jumping in and attacking me?
    Not to mention the fact that if she doesn’t like someone she threatens to reveal their identity, whether or not they have broken any rules, rather than simply delete their posts. And in my case with no threat even, revealed my location! She refuses to acknowledge this, let alone apologize for this extremely offensive abuse of her power (knowing more about my identity than I do about hers).
    And yes, I maintain it was disturbing how she shortly afterward posted at length about how she is so respectful of other bloggers privacy blah blah. And when I pointed out that this should apply to commenters and that she needs a clearer policy toward commenters if she is not going to follow the one she already has on her blog, she deletes it. You really respect that? Of course it’s her “right” but it’s still pathetically wimpy and hypocritical.


  22. Isabel Says:

    Also since you were not there, this happened on another blog, and was apparently retaliation for my criticism of the science blogs mob mentality, whereby other bloggers are harassed for not following some specific form of “feminism” (that I happen disagree with). She had my IP address because she deleted my one attempt, at that point, to post a comment on her blog.
    She claimed, btw, that it was because I called her a bad word, which was a lie. I posted the comment on CPPs blog.


  23. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    I was referring to the sickening situation with PA I mentioned earlier in the thread. Did you even read the thread before jumping in and attacking me?

    No, I didn’t read that thread. I have no real idea what you are talking about. You should provide some links, because I am curious to see where you are. I hope it is somewhere very small and isolated so that I can visit there and drive slowly through the streets looking at people and wondering whether they might be you. Do you have any distinguishing features?
    In any case, I am sorry you are upset by my defense of Isis. For a very modest fee, perhaps five dollars, I can be on your side. Watch:
    Damn you Isis!!! Damn you and all your shoes to hell! To hell! Do you hear me? To HEEEELLLLLLLLL!!!
    How’s that, Isabel? I damned Isis to hell, which is not a nice place. No, not a very nice place at all*.
    *At least that’s what my dead grandmother said, when I last talked to her using my Ouija board. Actually, what she really said was “IAM N HL NOT NYS”. And then the little slidey thing went to “No”, and then there was this really eerie sulphur smell**.
    **Admittedly, the dog did eat some broccoli that night.


  24. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Whoa! See that? My comment duplicated itself, and the second one colored itself sort of pinkish, probably as some sort of sign of the fires of hell. I would be really scared if I were you, Isis.


  25. Isabel Says:

    No, I didn’t read that thread.
    I meant this thread. As far as the background, it’s a recent event so if you go to isis’ or professor anonymous’ sites you can learn all about it easily, I promise you
    Do you have any distinguishing features?
    Just long, shapely legs, and naturally ruby-red lips.


  26. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Just long, shapely legs, and naturally ruby-red lips

    Damn! That doesn’t help at all. Since I am a male, it would be inappropriate for me to look for or notice such characteristics. I was hoping you might have antlers or a revolving blue light instead of a nose. Not that I’d comment about such things behind your back, of course. It’d just help me spot you.


  27. Isabel Says:

    oh well, sorry. and btw I wasn’t “upset” in the least with your “defense” of Isis, especially since you didn’t defend anything except her technical right to delete posts, which I agree with. I was just trying to clarify the facts for you. I thought you had a genuine interest but perhaps not, just being silly eh?
    why are we even having this conversation????


  28. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Actually, I really was curious, Isabel. In fact, I just returned from a long sojourn at Isis’ and PA’s blogs. In the end, all I can really say is THANK YOU BECCA FOR POINTING ME TO ‘KINKY BOOTS’, which is now in my Netflix queue.
    I think we are having this conversation, Isabel, because secretly way deep down inside, you and I both know we want to have a baby with Isis. I want our baby to be named ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’, and I want him to have red hair and freckles. Unfortunately, I have neither red hair nor freckles, so I’m hoping Isis does. If she doesn’t, I guess we’ll have to resort to cosmetic surgery and hair dye for the baby. I am certain that Isis will be all OK with this, as long as we also buy the kid nice shoes and teach him to respect women.


  29. becca Says:

    Kinky Boots = love
    It’s a very sweet film.
    Also, I want to see a baby with long shapely legs, naturally ruby-red lips, red hair, freckles, antlers and a revolving blue light instead of a nose. That would still, of course, be totally hot.


  30. Isabel Says:

    Ewww yuck. speak for yourself. And it’s sad for a baby to have a narcissist for a mother – don’t even joke about it!
    All I want is for Isis and the rest of the clique to stick to their own little corners of cyberspace and stop harassing others (especially hilarious posters like PA) in the name of some twisted form of feminism.
    And to post her REAL policy re commenters and stick to it. It was no joke – I felt really threatened by her actions. As anyone would be, I’m sure.


  31. I am such a narcissist, I have decided to forgo normal reproduction in the future. I plan to work on the technology so that I can just have myself cloned.


  32. Isabel Says:

    Okay I realize now the baby comments were tactless and cruel, so sorry about that (Danny started it). I sincerely apologize.
    Now, it would really be nice if you could apologize to me so we could call a (temporary at least) truce.
    What do you say Isis?


  33. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Speak for yourself, Isabel. I still want that baby. A cloned and genetically-engineered baby is fine. That might even be a better way to get the freckles and red hair. What is the gene for freckles anyway?
    I guess we could tweak here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/dispomim.cgi?id=203200 But I don’t like the albinism. This looks promising: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18627709?ordinalpos=20&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DefaultReportPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
    Who is up for helping me with my next proposal “Ephilis-related gene manipulation for cosmetic purposes?


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