NIH kicks down ARRA funds for small business after all?

June 3, 2009

As of our last discussion, it emerged that the stimulus legislation specifically exempted itself from the SBIR requirements.
Our good blog friend Anonymoustache alerts us to a glimmer of hope for small businesses looking to get in on that NIH ARRA/stimulus action.

Now the NIH puts out some token fucking bullshit funding opps for small businesses from the ARRA funds. And it just screws things up.

Go read the details.

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  1. Thanks DM.
    I can only hope that most reviewers realize how meaningless this set-aside is to the average biotech start-up/small enterprise.
    I didn’t bitch about the initial explicit removal of SBIR/STTR allotments from the recovery money—I figured, well, it is what it is. We’re allowed to compete in the general pool anyway, so let’s go do it.
    I really think this set-aside hurts because it gives the perception of a meaningful pool of money set-aside when it reality it is a joke.
    And I am really frustrated about the fact that I could have tailored the proposal a bit differently if I had known about this crap coming down the pike.


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