Secret Science, Again

June 3, 2009

My usual preamble is that I don’t really get on board with the OpenScienceEverything!!!! types but I do back some essential principles. One, that if the taxpayer funds our work than that taxpayer has a right to the usual output of our work (i.e., the papers) without a lot of additional hassle or charge. Two, our usual output is intended to be public. Meaning that while various interests may want to make money from our output, the goal would be to make it available (again, at a charge) to as many people who would want it. Three, our usual output is also intended to be archival to history
Well, awhile back some colleagues and I were discussing a situation that was initially sort of amusing. Then I realized that the situation was complicated and I’m not really sure where I stand.
Should people be allowed to blog and Tweet and otherwise discuss results that are presented at scientific conferences?

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As of our last discussion, it emerged that the stimulus legislation specifically exempted itself from the SBIR requirements.
Our good blog friend Anonymoustache alerts us to a glimmer of hope for small businesses looking to get in on that NIH ARRA/stimulus action.

Now the NIH puts out some token fucking bullshit funding opps for small businesses from the ARRA funds. And it just screws things up.

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