Grrrrrrrrr. CPDD and RSoA annoyance

May 29, 2009

I know I’ve mentioned this before but two of the substance-abuse type academic societies really annoy me for their habit of closely scheduling their annual meetings in late June. Typically the College on Problems of Drug Dependence and the Research Society on Alcoholism hold their meetings on sequential weeks. Which totally blows because it is really hard to be out of town for substantial parts of two sequential weeks. Especially when you are a parent and school years are finishing up.
This year is even worse.

Oh yes. Their brilliant plans have scheduled the meetings for the same week, June 20-25. RSA is in San Diego and CPDD is in Reno. The same week.
Brilliant. I still haven’t made up my mind about how I’m going to deal. At first I was thinking about splitting it and going to each for a couple-few days. That is just nuts. I think I’ll just cancel some flights and pick one.
Things like this make me want to encourage the NIAAA / NIDA merger just so we can merge the RSA / CPDD meetings already. It isn’t like CPDD is all that big and RSA is downright tiny.

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  1. Pinus Says:

    This is pretty ridiculous. I am not involved in the inner workings of either group…but I can imagine it is a purposeful thing.


  2. becca Says:

    academic scientists not playing well with others? I’m *shocked!* *shocked* I say!


  3. Cashmoney Says:

    Sucks for trainees- especially the alcohol focused ones who might want to start meeting NIDA PO staff if this merger is steaming ahead.


  4. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    Went to CPDD once. Not impressed….too much addiction work, not enough drug abuse tox work….I am tired of bar pressing and place preference….
    But how can you not go to RENO!!!! eeeeee!!!! (*insert sacrasm here*)
    Doc F


  5. Horseman Says:

    Reno? Wow. Don’t they realize what a shithole that place is? If I were considering both meetings that would be enough to make up my mind for me.


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