From the May issue of the CSR Peer Review Notes.

Unprecedented numbers: Overall, CSR typically reviews 16,000 applications with the help of about 8,000 reviewers in each of the three main yearly review rounds. This round, CSR will rely on over 23,000 reviewers to assess about 36,000 applications.

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Apparently the $100 spike boyz have been busy bees over the past year. To recap:

As I stumbled back deep into the UU section (the end) of the afternoon SfN poster session in search of coffee, I noticed a bit of a crowd surrounding a poster board, in rapt attention. As I approached they started laughing and clapping. This is unusual. There is rarely a crowd back in the History / Teaching (and now Ethics) section of the poster sessions.
I decided to investigate.

Spike-Prototypes400.jpgTheir submitted abstract lays out the goal of the study:

We here present a self-imposed engineering challenge. If we have a standard PC laptop and a cricket caught in the back yard, can we record a spike (action potential) for under $100 using components purchased solely from local neighborhood hardware stores and Radioshack?

YouTube and podcast (part of Neuropod podcast).
So, what do these gents have on tap for this year?

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