Autopsy report attributes death to MDMA

May 11, 2009

Just a brief note in follow up to a prior post on a death alleged to be from Ecstasy. The CourierMail is now reporting that the autopsy on Rosie Bebendorf attributes the death to MDMA.

But in establishing her death from MDMA (ecstasy) toxicity, an autopsy report received by Ms Bebendorf’s parents highlights two injection marks on her arm.
“The needle marks on the crook of the right elbow, which were fresh – a few hours old – could be the site where the drug was administered,” a government pathologist states.

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Especially given all of the initial reporting characterized her as having “taken two Ecstasy tablets”. And then there is this odd note:

[Ms Bebendorf’s mother Gerry] believed it was “very unlikely (Rosie) injected herself” with the fatal dose of ecstasy, although she had known for some time that her daughter took speed intravenously.

So the autopsy concludes MDMA at fault. Presumably due to levels of MDMA judged to be high enough and no other drug levels seeming to be of threatening levels on the tox panels? Ahh, who knows. Still a frustrating lack of detail. The parents seem quite keen to go on record with the media quotes in a keep-others-off-MDMA mode, perhaps they would be kind enough to release the whole report.
The route of administration thing is interesting to contemplate. First because of the parents’ tone, as quoted, of poor little lamb daughter led astray by evil boyfriend. Those always ring hollow to me, as do the claims that it was the first time the kid ever did any drugs. Second because of the resulting questions about the pharmacokinetic profile when MDMA was injected rather than ingested. And then we get into possible nonMDMA contributors to the toxicity…

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  1. Beaker Says:

    Some quick googling about injecting ecstasy reveals the following:
    1. People do it, but it is relatively rare. Those who do it repeatedly are experienced injectors, with access to pure MDMA powder.
    2. Injecting extracts from pills is difficult because the fillers and bonding agents make it difficult to extract the drug. Of course people do try to inject pill extracts, but usually only once because the effects are less pleasant than pills and don’t last as long. The “suggested” dose is less than one pill.
    3. The risks, especially cardivascular/stroke, are definitely greater with IV administration.
    4. The psychotropic effects are reported to be “short” (20 min) and “less rolling” compared to pills. This raises the possibility that some of the pleasant effects of orally ingested MDMA are due to a metabolite, rather than MDMA itself.
    So, if Rosie was injecting X extracted from multiple pills, she did not get very good advice from the street/boyfriend/dealer.
    All of this raises a related question. When rats and primates are given MDMA in laboratories, are they not injected? What is the injection route? Does this not raise dosing/metabolism questions relevant to translating animal data to humans?


  2. Rogue Medic Says:

    [Ms Bebendorf’s mother Gerry] believed it was “very unlikely (Rosie) injected herself” with the fatal dose of ecstasy, although she had known for some time that her daughter took speed intravenously.
    She has known that her daughter has been injecting amphetamines for some time, but wishes to portray her as something other than an regular drug user – someone who has a problem with drugs. And parents often tell me that, Our little daughter could not possibly be pregnant. Now where is that email address, so I can send all of my financial information to those poor unfortunate people in Nigeria. To help them out, not for the modest compensation.


  3. J Says:

    These comments are weak, uninformed and ignorant. Not to mention insensitive. Rosie was a dear close friend of mine of several years and she had a heart of gold. Her family is very very beautiful and their hearts are like diamonds; hard enough to withstand the immense pressures that life throws at them but at the same time reflect the beautiful light that glows strongly within their love for each other.

    To the “rogue medic” I’ll say this; you have not offered any condolences or suggested anything to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring to other people. All you have done is criticize the parents of this lovely woman whom you never met and never had the privilege to meet personally. Criticism via a third hand internet newspaper blurb.

    You don’t know these people, nor do you know what happened that night or in the years leading up to that fateful night. To compare what happened to Rosie to a Nigerian scam leads me to believe that you are a bigot.

    Unless you can actually say/think or do something positive with your life then I suggest you be silent. As a wise man once said and your mother should have told you more often, “A closed mouth gathers no foot.”


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