SpeakingofResearch Wrap-up of the 4/22 UCLA Pro-Test Rally

April 28, 2009

There is a nice summary post up on the SpeakingofResearch website.

The crowd numbers increased steadily. From100 to 200, from 200 to 400, the numbers swelled until what would would be eventually around 800 people would be a part of the UCLA Pro-Test rally – outnumbering the animal rights activists by approximately 20 to 1. The chants rang out from the corner of Westwood Avenue, “What do we need? Animal Research. When do we need it? NOW!”, and “Cures for cancer, what’s the answer? Animal research, Animal Research”.

credit: Tom Holder
The post has a lot of nice pictures and a brief summary of points made by the speakers. This hopefully will give you a better feel for the event in case you were unable to attend. Let you see the people who have suffered the sneaky, midnight terror attacks over the past few years at UCLA.
In other news, I’ve run across a blog called On Research… written by a member of the research communications staff at Ohio State University. Wow! An official University blog talking about research, including animal research? This is refreshing. Very refreshing. If you know of any other University press offices that do something like this, please send the links along.
The infamous LAT poll is still in play, currently sitting at 60/40 in favor of animal research. The Pro-Test petition is still open if you haven’t signed yet, 1151 signatures at this writing. I see many of my reader’s names on there! Nice.

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  1. anonymous Says:

    While I initially found the LAT poll to be infuriating (especially when they were poll crashing and I watched the anti-research side go up by hundreds upon hundreds of votes over the span of 5 minutes), now I kind of think it is perfect.
    In the end, these people are cowards. They are perfectly willing to sneak around in the dead of night with masks on (or even during the day with masks on, I’ll give them that), post scare-tactics on anonymous websites, and so on. But when it came down to it on April 22 there were only ~30 people in all of Southern California who were willing who be brave enough to show their faces and admit their support for these tactics. This is in contrast to the 800 people willing to show their faces in support of the other side. The animal rights people have been complaining that of course they couldn’t come out in the middle of the day, and the scientists got to get off work, and it is so unfair to compare the numbers, and all this ridiculousness- but the giant flaw in that argument is that they picked the day and time, the scientists just showed up at the same time to meet them. So, of COURSE they would secretly crash an internet poll and count that as widespread support- because that is the cowardly way out, to show support only when no one can see you and you aren’t accountable for your actions. The brave way out would be if any small percentage of the people who voted on that poll had been willing to show up and stand up for what they believed in. To me, the vastly discrepant numbers at the rally were a far better index of which side has more people proud of what they stand for and willing to show it than any anonymous internet poll could be.


  2. Paul Browne Says:

    “So, of COURSE they would secretly crash an internet poll and count that as widespread support- because that is the cowardly way out, to show support only when no one can see you and you aren’t accountable for your actions.”
    To be fair with a lot of help from Drugmonkey and PZ we soon had a counter crash underway.
    Such highly self selecting polls are as PZ constantly reminds us a rubbish way to find out what people think.
    One thing we can be sure of is that if the turnout at the rally had ben the other way around the ARA’s would have been crowing about it. As it was despite the fact that their rally was organized weeks before Pro-Test UCLA was even founded, and the fact that not very subtle threats (of the take photos and we’ll identify them type) were made against people joining in the Pro-Test rally we still managed to outnumber them by more than 15 to 1.
    That turnout ratio said everything you need to know!


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