Diverting real drugs to make woo work.

April 10, 2009

AbelsBeard.jpgThere’s a post up over at Terra Sigillata that just makes you go hmmmm… Abel had previously noted a case in which a Palm Beach acupunterist (sic; see Figure) was busted for forging medical credentials to obtain controlled substances.

If this was the result of personal issues of substance dependence, I wish Ms Hoyt my best in seeking rehabilitative care.
But if the compounds obtained were to be used in some herbal preparation with purported anti-anxiety or analgesic activity doled out to clients, my sympathy is hereby revoked.

Developing evidence suggests some merit to his prior supposition. As Abel notes the current allegations include obtaining controlled medicines “for patients” and list several approved sedatives and muscle relaxers.
Which takes this out of the realm of (merely) a drug diversion issue and straight into the consideration of woo-based alternative pharmacy and therapy. What a total and complete scam. To use so called “conventional” medications that have actual function, while claiming it is acupuncture or some other woo that is having the effect? What hubris. What chutzpah.

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  1. Pinus Says:

    Hahahahaha, that is great, and by great I mean awful.
    This is what I picture…..
    (dissolve fade to acupuncturist office)
    Fraudunpuncturist: welcome to the office, please relax and take this supportive herbal supplement while I light the incense.
    (fraudunpuncturist hands patient muscle relaxer)
    patient: sure thing, I just love that I get so relaxed using the power of my own Chi!
    (patient gulps down pills)
    fade to black….


  2. 2B42more Says:

    “incense”, pinus? Hahahahahhahah that stuff is totally relaxing TOO! This alternative medicine is awesomz!


  3. Hap Says:

    Hubris probably isn’t right – evil might be closer. Why would you tell everyone that something works better than standard medical treatments when you use those same treatments in your work (and thus have to believe that whatever technique you are using is insufficient to the stated task)? Either you want to profit and don’t mind hurting or killing others in the process (or are trapped by your previous adherence to stupidity and are unwilling to sacrifice yourself to exit and would rather sacrifice others instead – Peter from the only good scene in The Fountainhead), or your ability to suspend disbelief could support the Golden Gate Bridge and its daily traffic (perhaps via a self-administered lobotomy).


  4. SouthernFriedSkeptic Says:

    Alternative reality…err I mean medicine, is even making its way into the rural south. It’s shame. I remember the good ol’ days when acupuncture just meant you had really good aim.


  5. I know that you’re all talking about important business on animal research and soft-money salaries but I’m only just looking at this post closely today. Damn if the greyest part of my entire damn head is that bottom part of the goatee. Pretty soon, PhysioProf will start accusing me of being one of those ancient, deadwood, tenured faculty!


  6. DrugMonkey Says:

    Gravitas, Abel, gravitas.


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