More Thank-You Cards from Donors Choose

March 23, 2009

As I cannot restate enough, some of our Readers were very generous during October’s DrugMonkey Blog Reader Challenge as a part of the other ScienceBlogs’ participation in the Bloggers Challenge. One of cool parts of DonorsChoose is that the teachers and children who have benefited from donor funded projects send Thank You notes.
I have just received another batch which I thought I would share with you.
Before you check those out, I thought I would mention another opportunity for you to support young scientists. In this case, Isis the Scientist of On Becoming an Domestic and Laboratory Goddess blog has partnered with the American Physiological Society to fund an award for an undergraduate woman who has submitted a superlative research abstract for their Annual Meeting.
Go visit Isis for all the details, all she’s asking for is your eyeball, viewing her blog pages for the next few weeks. (If you are feeling a tad more generous feel free to click the PayPal link on her sidebar and send a couple of bucks her way. It’s for the junior scientists!) [Update: I just noticed that the APS has opened up a special line on their donation page for the David J. Bruce/ISIS Award fund. In case you want to directly donate in that way.]

One of the projects that was funded supplied microscopes and slides.


I think the kids (one in particular) had good experiences. Whatever it takes to engage a child in science, my friends. Whatever it takes.


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  1. Courtney Says:

    Oh! My! God!
    Either that is just some kid’s idea of a joke….or…I don’t know, but it’s freakin’ hilarious!


  2. Yeah, I received drawings of sperm, too. One kid told me that if anyone ever gives me any “trouble” to look him up; he’s got my back.


  3. Those cards are amazing!!! Thanks for the shout-out, D-Fresh!


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