March 13, 2009

Please welcome our new ScienceBlogs blogger, Erik Klemetti, a geologist who spends most of his professional time thinking about magma. His blog is Eruptions, where he will be writing about volcanoes that are erupting worldwide, distilling the scientific jargon, dispelling the misinformation, and commenting on what the effects of the eruption(s) might be, as well as discussinf current research on the phenomenon of volcanic eruptions and magmas within the Earth.

No Responses Yet to “BLAMMO!!!!”

  1. There was not a single “fuck” in that whole post…does this imply a rather tepid review from PhysioProf? I sure hope not because magma rocks! heh.


  2. human Says:

    I can’t believe that you are devoting valuable blog space to something called “volcano monitoring.”


  3. Huge fucking volcanos shooting motherfucking MAGMA up in the air!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I sure hope not because magma rocks!

    Oh, Ambivalent. You didn’t.
    It’s time for some Benadryl and a nap.


  5. “Huge fucking volcanos shooting motherfucking MAGMA up in the air!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Much better! That makes me want to go over there and read about some motherfucking magma and volcanoes (which really do rock)…yes Juniper, i did. You are correct – it is definitely time for some NyQuil and a nap.


  6. NyQuil is for teenagers.


  7. NyQuil is for AA when she feels like a fucking zombie after several days of allergies followed by the plague. But only on Fridays because it knocks her on her ass for about 18 hours straight. With any luck, the little germie bastards will have cleared out by that point. In the meantime, AA is only capable of reading blogs, making bad puns, and drooling a little bit while she sleeps.


  8. Sb needs some more motherfucking physiologists. I mean, rocks don’t have a brain or cardiovascular system? So, why the fuck should I care?


  9. Pinus Says:

    Behind the brain, rocks are the next most awesome thing.


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