Blog Bid'ness: Reader Pics

March 9, 2009

Readers have been sending me a trickle of in situ figures which I’ve been greatly enjoying. Keep ’em coming!



some reader

BlackT d00d
Some Reader in the Black T

Autographed Shirt: Front
From the ScienceOnline09 conference

Autographed Shirt: Back

ScienceBlogs Shameless Shilling

CapTshirt1.jpgTshirtBack1.jpgScienceBlogs Shop
A Blog Around the Clock
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Discovering Biology in a Digital World
Greg Laden’s Blog

No Responses Yet to “Blog Bid'ness: Reader Pics”

  1. Boy, that Isis is one smokin’ hot science broad.


  2. cashmoney Says:

    Laden signed it????!!!!!
    That has to be a fake….


  3. Nat Says:

    Damn, in the post baby arrival fugue, I forgot to order up some DM onesies (thnx again). But it’s on it’s way now, and I’ll be sending the photo evidence ASAP!


  4. Yes, Laden AND Stephanie Z – I brokered the deal, in fact.
    And, man, what a suckass beard on that “some reader” in the white T – take some testosterone supplements, buddy.


  5. cashmoney Says:

    Yes, Laden AND Stephanie Z – I brokered the deal, in fact.
    Never go into a land war in Asia and never get involved in a negotiation where Abel Pharmboy is on the other side…


  6. Stephanie Z Says:

    cashmoney, it’s always amazing what’s given freely and happily for the asking.


  7. DrugMonkey Says:

    Nat, a DM logo’d baby is going to seriously make my week. you know that right?


  8. Nat Says:

    Well DM, pick a week that you know is gonna be crappy, cause it’s coming.
    The sheer cuteness of our little mini girl will keep you riding high. (oh yeah, anyone reading that and rolling your eyes about proud parents? Suck it!)


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