No Capes!

February 23, 2009

About a year ago the ScienceBlogs folks launched a program to highlight blog posts on the basis of what some of the more regular readers of each blog were enjoying.

The overlords are up to a new project which is intended to get some of our (meaning SB) readers to tell the rest of our (meaning SB) readers what hot stuff they should be reading on the SB. This can be viewed a little like the “top 5 most active” and “top 5 most emailed” sidebar links, only with a little more thoughtful input from readers. Readers as in a select subset of contributing regular readers, rather than the google-horde that stops by for pictures of whassername or the other horde that stops by for the stench of calamari.
The fun part is that this is to be a representative democracy such that even dinky little operations like DrugMonkey can play. Unfortunately, being still on blog 0.8beta instead of SuperBloggerz2.01.2 like most of the folks around here, the notion of plumbing the stats for our most plugged-in homies holds little interest.

Over the past year our two volunteer SuperReaders have been doing an admirable job keeping our posts, and indeed many other career-related posts from other blogs, in the limelight. So as a blogger I think this feature is a stunning success. I might also note that as a Sb reader myself, I’ve definitely been drawn to posts from other blogs that I might not have noticed thanks to the Reader selections.
We find ourselves in need of a replacement SuperReader, since one of ours is signing off after a year of excellent service to the DM blog, academic blogging at Sb and you, DearReader. So here’s the request. If you are a regular Sb reader, can manage to work the and would be interested in serving your fellow readers up with tasty blog selections on a regular basis drop us a line. You can comment and leave a functioning email in the field or just email one of us directly. (drugmnky or physioprof, both at the googly mail.)

No Responses Yet to “No Capes!”

  1. jc Says:

    MY EYES MY EYES!1!11! I just HAD to click on whassername. YOU NEED A WARNING SYSTEM, STAT!


  2. Propter Doc Says:

    Of course, as a superreader, you may be expected to wear your underware on the outside of your trousers from time to time. Sure ComradePhysioProf knows the feeling…;)


  3. Am I the only person for whom the “Top 5 /Most ____” list always shows up as “Top 5/ Most German”? I even took German in college, but still am somehow untempted by the perpetual offerings of “Wer furchtet sich vorm schwarzen Mann? [Geograffitico]” or whatever.


  4. DrL Says:

    Dr.Jekyll&Mrs.Hyde I see “Top 5/Most German” too, and “More from”, even though I am here on the .com version…
    and “Eine kleine Aufgabe fur Philosophen” 🙂


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