The ScienceBlogs Shop

January 26, 2009

As part of the ScienceBlogs facelift, the powers that be have decided to venture into the land of BrandedApparel (and whatnot). Now, you know I’m a sucker for tee-shirt and a coffee mug. In fact, one of the most surprising things I found on joining the collective was that the bloggers, with all those great science-related banners (especially ones from BioE!) and images, didn’t have so much as a tee-shirt available!
CapTshirt1.jpgSo naturally I had to work something up for my own purposes and along the way discovered that there were one or two bloggers with logo’d gear available. Not too many, but a few, see below. Maybe this launch of the official mothership schwag will prod a few others to work their banners or logos into a t-shirt or mug or something. If you have a favorite blog you’d like to have represented on your coffee mug, go bug ’em. It’s trivial to set up a cafepress or zazzle or some other print-on-demand shop. So they really have no excuse.
A Blog Around the Clock
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Discovering Biology in a Digital World
Greg Laden’s Blog

No Responses Yet to “The ScienceBlogs Shop”

  1. kiwi Says:

    not to mention FSPs famous graph paper shirt.


  2. DuWayne Says:

    I keep hoping for one with Orac on the front and a picture of EneMan on the back, or conversely, the Hitler Zombie(tm) on the back.


  3. Dr. Isis Says:

    Do you think they would make a SB brand shoe for me?


  4. Do you think they would make a SB brand shoe for me?

    I hope so. I would buy it.


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