My friends went to sciOnline09 and all I got was…

January 19, 2009


Ha! You guys are awesome. And such nice handwriting you have…


Big ol’ Thanks d00d to Abel Pharmboy, ably assisted by Janet and sciC for making this happen!

No Responses Yet to “My friends went to sciOnline09 and all I got was…”

  1. w00t! There’s no fucking way I’m missing this thing next year! You better be there, too, DM!!


  2. PalMD Says:

    I still think we shoulda signed the g-string


  3. DuWayne Says:

    Pal –
    I cringe at the picture of a person big enough to fill a g-string big enough for all those signatures…..


  4. Stephanie Z Says:

    Then, next year, we all sign DrugMonkey.


  5. acmegirl Says:

    DM, you rawk! The only thing better than signing your shirt would have been getting to meet you. Maybe next year?!


  6. Coturnix Says:

    When PP and DM do a session at ScienceOnline’10, will it be labeled NSFW and will Miss Baker’s students be allowed in the room?


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