Our Next, Next, Next Surgeon General?

January 15, 2009

Now that his comments are functioning and you can go over and slap him on the back, I want to note that PalMD has brought his White Coat Underground blog to ScienceBlogs.com. You will recall that he has been blogging over at the Sb denialism blog for most of the past year and has been doing a stellar and prolific job of it.
So why the hyperbolic title?

I’ve been enjoying the PalCasts lately although I’ve run through the four that are up and am anxiously awaiting more. For those of you that are living under a rock like me, you can subscribe directly from your iPhone (although downloading new ‘casts may bork if you are not on wifi). I’m kindof a podcast n00b. Actually I think most of the ones I’ve listened to recently have made an appearance on the blog, Thomas Robey, some MDMA clinical trials things, the $100 Spike guys and now PalMD.
These conversations from PalMD are very personable, personal at times, direct and are a fascinating listen when, say, you are driving in your car and really, really (no, really) shouldn’t be reading DrugMonkey on your iPhone. I’m not saying we have the best of NPR’s offerings in my commute. We for sure had one for about a year some time ago against which I’d put PalMD’s first initial efforts any day.
Then there is this conversation with Janet Stemwedel of Adventures in Ethics and Science. It’s longish (an hour) and obviously video but once the kids have gone to bed, fire it up.

There was some recent chatter over just what the Surgeon General does and who Obama should pick and why tee-vee doc Sanjay Gupta is or is not qualified. I fell down on the side of “I know what Koop and Elders did and that was to communicate important health concepts to the American public.” Good communication skills and even a built in pre-existing audience seem like essential talents.
Sounds like this PalMD guy to me.
UPDATE 011609: PhysioProf had an uncharacteristically difficult time deciding where he stood on Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General.

No Responses Yet to “Our Next, Next, Next Surgeon General?”

  1. once the kids have gone to bed

    Wait! Whut kind of podcast is this, anyway? HAHHAHHAHAHAH!
    Hey, asshole, how come you didn’t link to *my* post on Sanjay the Fancay!?!?!? Huh!?!?!?


  2. PalMD Says:

    You are far to kind, and now that I’ve settled down in the new digs, I’m hoping to crank out a palcast today (if SciCurious and Dr Free Ride will just stop pouring good bourbon down my gullet)


  3. DuWayne Says:

    Hey Pal, don’t let the good bourbon stop you. Remember, good bourbon just makes it better. Enough good bourbon and we could have the sort of Palcast that PP is insinuating.


  4. Thanks for the update, dude! I take back calling you “asshole”.


  5. D. C. Sessions Says:

    Enough good bourbon and we could have the sort of Palcast that PP is insinuating.

    Bourbon wouldn’t do that — you’d need Jameson, or maybe Thunderbird. You might have to cut the Thunderbird with Sterno, though.


  6. DuWayne Says:

    D.C. –
    You just haven’t had the right kind of bourbon. Like the last time I brought Knob Creek to a party – an hour after it was cracked, everyone was naked! Hell, my old boss’s mild mannered wife tried the Basil Haydon when I brought it to a party and was going PP on a bunch of people.


  7. Danimal Says:

    Bourbon good. PalMD good. Hickup. Blonk (as he falls on the floor).


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