We're Back!

January 11, 2009

The ScienceBlogs back-end Movable Type software upgrade has been completed. Go EAGLES!!!11!!111!

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  1. This comment is false.


  2. Tough one for me today – I grew up 4 mi from Giants Stadium and had Cosmos season tix there as a kid but spent 4 awesome years in Philly. Much better food in Philly, though. Go Eagles!
    How’s that for logic?


  3. Wow, we survived a whole day without reading mind-barf from bored PhDs! I was not sure I’d make it through these dark times, personally.
    But what’s this Movable Type thing? I just tried moving the type in your post and it didn’t work. Do I click on the letters? Is it just a touch screen thing?


  4. Katie Says:

    Figures you’d be an Eagles fan, CPP.


  5. JLK Says:

    How did you people NOT know CPP was an Eagles fan???
    Anywho, all of you sciencebloggers need to get on it. The rest of us in the blogosphere have been bustin ass to pick up your slack during your break.
    Start blogging about some shit!!!


  6. juniorprof Says:

    Go Cardinals!!


  7. jc Says:

    ohhhh. juniorprof. dude. sleep with one eye open. and get your will up to date.


  8. Go Cardinals!!

    Fuck you, asshole. The Cardinals are a motherfucking joke. The Eagles defense is gonna eat Warner and Fitzgerald alive. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. juniorprof Says:

    Cardinals rule!! Warner is going to put up Arena Leaguesque numbers on the Beagle Defense!


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