Blog Bid'ness: Daddio

December 3, 2008

Three recent new additions to the blog-o-science-sphere Tribe’s miniTribes.
Ewan of brain glucose announced the arrival of his second son (lots of pictures are up).
After a Thanksgiving Day false alarm, Nat Blair of Junction Potential welcomed the arrival of his new daughter.
Go leave a note for their wives, will ya?
Occasional commenter microfool also recently welcomed the arrival of a new mini-microfool. No blog so you might as well give microfool a shout-out here.
Great News all of you!

No Responses Yet to “Blog Bid'ness: Daddio”

  1. Becca Says:

    Hi mini-microfool!


  2. pinus Says:

    Congrats to all the new parents, I hope you are all sleeping well!


  3. TreeFish Says:

    Congrats to all! Mrs TreeFish, baby TreeFish, and I are expecting another lil’ TreeFish as well. Hopefully, the baby will look and act like Mrs TreeFish! Long live the SB tribes!


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