SfN 2008: The $100 Spike (The Podcast)

December 2, 2008

Remember the $100 Spike project from this year’s SfN meeting? One of the project authors noted on his blog MarzulloHead that Nature’s Neuropod posted a podcast on the SfN meeting which included a segment on the $100 Spike.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Very cool idea! I can’t wait to attempt making one myself. I also had another cool experience at SfN I’d like to share, the write up is here on my blog:
    Sorry I missed meeting up with you all but I am now subscribed to this blog and will be ready for next year’s events!


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Mike that is totally amazing. you are going to revolutionize poster design. everyone, go read that thing…


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