Blogrolling: Behind the Stick

December 1, 2008

Field studies of primates in their natural and semi-natural habitats have resulted in fantastic public communication about the lives and behavior of charismatic species most people will only ever experience briefly in zoos. If that. Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Frans de Waal….these are familiar names to many with even a passing interest in the fauna of the natural world.
Today I would like to encourage you to read Behind the Stick which is a new blog by a penetrating observer of the habits of one of the more charismatic primates.

About the author, scribbler50:

I actually am a bartender in the great city of New York at a location that for now shall remain nameless.

You might think that a bartender would have some penetrating insights into addictive disorders, alcohol use, abuse and dependence and the like. And you would be absolutely correct which is why I think this blog will be of interest to my drug abuse audience.
A sampling:
“The Lady Doth…”

If you have a drinking problem, just shut up and drink. Don’t throw out some lame diversion which only manages to place you under a microscope.
The “specimen” I refer to is a gal I used to serve who, instead of just ordering her drink would go through more histrionics than the silent film star great, Clara Bow.

“I want it dirty… I mean really, really dirty!”

Ah, but the irony of this is, “dirty girl”, the dirtier the martini the weaker the drink and the less naughty “dirty girl” is going to be. It doesn’t take a chemist to tell you that the more olive juice you darken the glass with the less you have of the stuff that makes you naughty. So to carry this logic to the nth degree… I could make you a downright “filthy” martini but all you’d be drinking is something best served on a salad.

Single Malt… Double Asshole

There’s yet another annoying snobbery afoot in that place I like to call bar-land… how do you spot him, this know-it-all in brands, corkage and trends? Easy. He’s usually in his mid to late forties, he’s usually wearing a suit, tie and baseball cap, and he usually says shit like this after he’s asked what single malts you carry and you’ve rattled off at least fifteen brands…”Oh, then you don’t have Too-ra-loora-loora?” (Or some such obscure fucking brand known only to him and two other North Americans.)


SCENE I: (A man in his mid-thirties walks up to the mike and confidently addresses the eclectic assemblage.)
“Hi, my name is Bob and I’m not an alcoholic!”
“Hi, Bob, and neither are we,” the CROWD responds in sing-song unison.
“This morning, before I got in my car and drove over here, I made myself a couple of Bloody Mary’s. All right, three Bloody Mary’s. (Knowing laughter from the CROWD) But I knew as I was drinking them I could stop at any time so no big deal.

Dependence. Dose. Cues which maintain the behavior. Context. There’s a ton of alcohol science here already and scribbler50 is just getting started!
Science… and some great stories. Go Read

No Responses Yet to “Blogrolling: Behind the Stick”

  1. Yeah, scribbler50 is a great bartender and writer!


  2. Recommendation of Behind the Stick heartily seconded.
    Also, DM, if you are going to kiss up to CPP by putting a pic of the Jameson label in your post, the least you could do is photoshop it to read “Fucking Jameson”.
    Or, you could do the correct thing by the good Scribbler50 and put a pic of Iron City beer (or at least Rolling Rock or Yuengling) in the post.


  3. TreeFish Says:

    Great recommendation. Favorite line: “Life teaches you shit, and shit teaches you life.” That has been entered into my lexicon.


  4. scribbler50 Says:

    Thank you so very much for acknowledging my stuff. Being brand spanking new at this and not quite sure how it’s going, you’ve injected me with 1,000 cc’s of confidence.
    All the best,


  5. Stephanie Z Says:

    DM, I have never seen another blogger who goes through so much work to justify putting someone on their blogroll. “Good stuff. Go see,” suffices for most of us.
    Which is also my characteristically snarky way of saying, “Thank you from me too.”


  6. DrugMonkey Says:

    Well, I think of it more as proper advertising rather than “justification”…
    But you would have to be the one to say that since I had to sneak Almost Diamonds onto the blogroll without fanfare. There are about five things you’ve posted lately that I keep meaning to discuss but then I feel like I’m not doing justice and the draft languishes…rather than wait I just figured I’d put it on the blogroll without the usual review.


  7. Stephanie Z Says:

    I wouldn’t exactly say it went on without fanfare, you know. There was that whole argument thing. Maybe not the usual way to announce an addition, but I’m not exactly all about the usual way.


  8. Mike Says:

    I have suffered form alcoholism and prescription drug addiction for 15 years. Now that I am clean I have published my story is a book called Constant Cravings: One Man


  9. Mike, I appreciate you mentioning your experience and your book. Last I checked, there were approximately 18 million people in the US addicted to alcohol while many more of us have a family predisposition to alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse. For such people, there is a very fine line between enjoying alcoholic beverages and abuse.
    The writings of scribbler50 (and my own Friday Fermentable feature) attempt to comment on the culture of responsible alcohol use, often with humor and over-the-top anecdotes, while not trying to alienate those in recovery. In fact, anyone who is in recovery for alcoholism or any form of substance abuse deserves tremendous credit for the fortitude and willpower necessary to overcome the genetics and resulting cellular biochemistry that predispose one to addiction. Thank you for sharing your story with the public.


  10. scribbler50 Says:

    As the “over-the-top anecdotal” guy mentioned in the previous comment by the ever thoughtful Pharmboy, please know that my latest post, “Denial”, (if that is indeed what made you weigh in) was foremost a riff on a certain segment of the wacky L.A. culture, and secondly a satire on those of us who “deny” instead of “admit”. You are obviously a member of the latter and I applaud your courage and success.
    May it continue,


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