Society for Neuroscience 2008 blogger meetup is a go

November 10, 2008

SfN 2006 Poster Session
I’ve received a few queries in the past couple of days about the status of a meetup during the SfN meeting. I guess people missed my comment on the prior post. Anyway, stop panicking! I’ll be meeting up with bloggers and blog readers in Washington DC and you, DearReader, are cordially invited.

As I said in the comment:

Okay, we’re a week out and I say we’re a “go” for meetup as i have a bunch of interested party emails in the mailbox. Sunday the 16th is a decent day for most, including the non-SFN locals. Send me an email if you want to be notified where/when, not sure I’m going to post it. if I do it will be at the last minute.
In terms of timeslots you can also send me your details and preferences. The biggest category of workaround will be the ~6:30-8:30 SFN mixer/socials so I am going to try to shoot for something that is within relatively easy distance of the Ren Washington

The one thing I will underline is that it would be helpful for you to mention if you have time conflicts. We have a big potential window from the end of poster sessions onward until bar closing and many of you will have pre-existing commitments for part of the evening.

15 Responses to “Society for Neuroscience 2008 blogger meetup is a go”

  1. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    I am busy Sun. night. If CPP wants to avoid me, I would suggest that night.


  2. scicurious Says:

    Sunday night is not the best time for me (Advisor wants to have a big lab dinner, and he usually likes to go carousing after), but I’ll make it when I possibly can! I shall be very crafty and slip away. Anything within easy distance of the conference center is awesome.


  3. Becca Says:

    Sunday night is ok for me.


  4. Oh, that I were a neuroscientist! Sounds super fun.


  5. leigh Says:

    if only that massive chunk of data had been finished a couple of months earlier, i would so be there.


  6. DrugMonkey Says:

    if only that massive chunk of data had been finished a couple of months earlier, i would so be there.
    It is my belief that one should strive to attend one or two core meetings every year whether one has enough data to submit an abstract or not. You are not there only to present data.


  7. Ewan Says:

    I told DM this already, but: yep, it turns out I’ll actually make it, and sign me up :).
    Also: You are not there only to present data is both true and gets us nicely back to the fracas over making friends with your prof / likely reviewers / future postdocs / future drinking buddies… :-). I wonder what my odds are or *recruiting* a postdoc or two at the DM shindig? 🙂


  8. I will be injecting myself with Lupron, and thinking of you all. (Actually Dr Hyde will be there briefly, but is flying out Sunday night, so I can’t even send him as my envoy, more’s the pity.)


  9. TreeFish Says:

    I will be there. I have socials Sunday and Monday night (one at the Icelandic Embassy!), but I will be at the DM social whenever it is…I will be wearing my right-wing on my left side.


  10. leigh Says:

    i would have loved to go sans giant poster full of data, but that idea didn’t exactly get a whole lot of support. :/ i did just go to a regional meeting.


  11. DrugMonkey Says:

    meetup details have been emailed to my list of interested parties. If you didn’t get an email from me, let me know and I’ll send you the details.


  12. laura Says:

    boo for not making yourselves known at 810.. bloggers look like normal people, makes it difficult to spot them.. then again, the innerspace foundation meeting was a pretty interesting alternative.


  13. Ewan Says:

    That comment about no WiFi (and spotty *anywhere* in the convention center) led directly to my not getting the ‘change of venue’ email :-(((.
    Oy veh – next time..


  14. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    Awesome meetup! Even though I came late to the meetup and had a bump hip from sneezing inappropriately earlier in the evening (dont ask) I had a fun time. Thanks for the totebag DM!
    Dr F


  15. bop Says:

    laura, there was a dude wearing a drugmonkey t-shirt giving out drugmonkey buttons, tote bags, magnets, and possibly other shit.


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