Voting Day Open Thread

November 4, 2008

In case you want to discuss the US elections…
1. Dang, Dixville Notch went for Obama in the wee hours. Dixville Notch, yo!!!

2. Completed my duty as a citizen, w000t! I don’t get you early voters, I love going to the polls. Of course ours are not usually crowded- 10 min wait because we were early and 15 min once they opened
3. The BM snapped this and says a friend ran into the perps!
4. Psssst. Kevin Beck snuck back into the Refuge. For those relatively new to Sb-land, do yourself a favor and go read.
5. I thought traffic would be low today what with everyone focusing on the political blogs and all. Yet traffic is normal to high without any unusual referral sources. Weird.
6. started liveblogging at 3:38 Eastern Time. Should be worth a checkback now and again.
7. Eldest is engaged in the cascading results maps! excellent!
8. It’s getting kinda late, might be past McCain’s bedtime, shouldn’t he just concede and go to bed???
9. Yes. We. CAN!!!!!!!

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  1. Coturnix Says:

    15 to 6. That is a huge margin for a D there. The only time they went for a D at all in the past was for Humphrey.


  2. Becca Says:

    Yes we CAN… get free coffee from Starbucks.
    BTW, I’m living in a county that, during the primaries, had more registered Democrats than Republicans… for the first time since the civil war. I have high hopes.
    I also poked the Carebear into voting. It was his first time. Everybody go “awwwww”.


  3. a Says:

    Of his chosen candidate’s win, he said: “I’m not going to say I wasn’t surprised.”


  4. Stephanie Z Says:

    Also awwwww-worthy were the kids (7 and 9?) coming out of our polling place with their dad. Nice and quiet until they got far enough away to be outside the no-campaigning perimeter. Then they started chanting “O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!”
    No question who they went for at the Kids Vote station.


  5. Good luck from North of the border – please don’t fuck it up!


  6. I just voted too – my poll was packed pre-9am, so I just skipped off a minute ago to vote & it was pretty chill. Granted, my Pinko-Commie-Liberal City went 98% Obama in the Dem primaries, and Nader got more votes than Bush here in 2004, so… while I am pretty sure Mr Obama did not need my vote here, I am very happy to have given it to him.


  7. jayh Says:

    I voted, but not for either Obama or McCain. I’m truly turned off by the gushing, quasi-relgious Democratic savior image that seems to be floating around SB.
    Come on folks


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    I’m truly turned off by the gushing, quasi-relgious Democratic savior image that seems to be floating around SB.
    Come on folks

    sour grapes, my friend. What, we shouldn’t be happy if our preferred political views rule the day and sad if opposing views rule the day? come on.
    This “savior” crap is a complete invention of those politically opposed to Obama. Where were you during the years in which having a positive view of the clearly failed, failing and country-ruining Dubya was a far greater diversion from objective reality than is Obama fandom today?


  9. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    At 7:30AM I was voter 144 at my polling place and I voted for the man who promised to double the NIH budget over 10 years! (Hopefully not in year 9 and 10 of his benevelont reign).
    Dr. Hussein Feelgood


  10. Nat Says:

    I had a dumb grin the whole time at the polling place, which had people lined up at 6 AM for a 7 AM opening. Didn’t take much time to get through, but it was really a great feeling.


  11. leigh Says:

    and am i ever glad for the absentee ballot. first time i was ever actually excited to fill in an oval with #2 pencil…


  12. LindaCO Says:

    I was prepared to stand in line for a long time and was sort of looking forward to being able to pass the time knitting. However, I was able to waltz right in and get down to business. My county has voting centers, so we can go to any of them to cast our votes. Good job, county election officials!!!


  13. Becca Says:

    I’ve got ants in my britches!


  14. dm Says:

    exit polls and local races not enough, becca?


  15. Odyssey Says:

    If you’re interested, has a continuously updated map aggregating the exit polls from all the major networks. So far (as of 8:17pm EST) it looks good for Obama.


  16. Stephanie Z Says:

    PA for Obama. Congrats, Becca!


  17. DM Says:

    yay pennsyltuckians!!!! C’moooooon bucknuts in Ohio!!!


  18. Stephanie Z Says:

    MSNBC just called Ohio for Obama.


  19. DrugMonkey Says:

    turn ON the lights baybee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is it. mark words.


  20. Stephanie Z Says:

    With CA, OR, WA and HI, we’re at 270.


  21. DrugMonkey Says:

    not looking so good for franken though I don’t know the populations in the counties listed so far..bummer for you all…


  22. Stephanie Z Says:

    Some of the other results are weird enough to say those are not necessarily representative, but this one’s going to be a long night either way. Bachmann too.


  23. becca Says:

    We made the correct choice!
    And now it’s Stewart and Colbert talking about Obama! Oh that’s hawt!


  24. DrugMonkey Says:

    Yeah, New England!!!! Chased the last scoundrel out. (ok, actually chris shays was a pretty decent one, bummer for him….)


  25. DrugMonkey Says:

    who the fuck boos at a concession speech? wtf is wrong with these people at McCain’s rally?


  26. pinus Says:

    booing at a rally is classic.
    I just hope all of these shitheels who have been bugging the crap out of me with their PRIDE IN AMERICA stickers and flags all over the place keep those fucking things up!


  27. JC Says:

    The Wasilla-moose-killa didn’t get to screech out a farewell. I am not surprised the repugs boo-ed at every mention of Obama. My home state (PA) did good. Yes we did. It is indeed a new day.


  28. Good luck from North of the border – please don’t fuck it up!
    Hey, Cath– we didn’t! We actually didn’t!


  29. I noticed! (Ugh, hungover). Good job!


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