The Homestretch…on the DonorsChoose Challenge

October 29, 2008

There are only a few more days left for you to participate in the DrugMonkey Blog Reader Challenge. In case you’ve managed to miss the prior posts, we are joining the other ScienceBlogs’ participation in the Bloggers Challenge.

We have two more selected projects on the board and I think completion is within reach.
The two remaining projects are:
Technology for Autism Classroom ($495 needed).
It’s a Small World After All ($445 needed).
OnShirtBlack-200.jpg The Seed matching fund means that we can finish funding these with just a handful of new donations. If you’ve been meaning to and just haven’t gotten around to it……(do I sound like an NPR pledge drive voice or what?)….every $5 or $10 donation helps.
Remember that there are to be prizes randomly drawn. To be considered you need to forward your DonorsChoose receipt email to for their prizes or to drugmnky at the googly one for my cafepress rewards.

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