DonorsChoose: 10 days to go

October 22, 2008

Just 10 days left to donate to theScienceBlogs Leaderboard in the Bloggers Challenge. Naturally I would be pleased if you saw fit to donate to one of the classroom projects selected for the DrugMonkey Blog Reader Challenge but really, we’re not about the competition here.
Remember, it doesn’t take much, just a fiver or a tenspot from many of you will add up in a hurry. I know, it isn’t quite as much of a head rush as putting some nutty Congresswoman on the ropes but think of the impact.

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  1. Stephanie Z Says:

    No reason to feel you have to pick just one. I certainly didn’t. But yes, the only one that I know has had an impact on something beyond my blog traffic is the DonorsChoose donation.


  2. JC Says:

    Update from a funded project
    I got an email today from the “your DNA said what?” teacher:
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don’t know if you can ever know how much you have influenced my students through your generous donation to the science department. On the day they announced the Nobel Prize for chemistry (for GFP usage and enhancement) I told my students about the DNA project they will be undertaking thanks to you…you have never seen such amazement and excitement at their inclusion into the new frontiers of science. Forensic science, genetic markers, and advancements my students have never even dreamed of are going to be familiar concepts, sparking these future scientists into dreaming big. What a wonderful day!!


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