As I mentioned before, Abel Pharmboy has been gearing up for a blog-conference session on pseudonymity in blogging with what is now a series of posts. Well worth reading but in particular he is looking for reader and blogger input. So it would be nice if you would go leave a thought or two at Terra Sigillata.

Terra Sigillata
The Pseudonymity Laboratory: Do you trust me?
The Pseudonymity Laboratory: Up from the Comments
The Pseudonymity Laboratory: PhysioProf Provides Slide Number One
The Pseudonymity Laboratory: Does Formal Certification Increase Credibility?

SciBlog10Mcomm-DM100.jpgWe had a little bit of an echo conversation over here following my post and one from PhysioProf. The latter thread in particular touched on a topic I thought required additional comment from me. Not on the pseudonymity itself; I think I’ve probably mentioned my views a time or two already. I am more interested in the role of the blogger in maintaining the pseudonymity or anonymity of their readers, commenters and even fellow bloggers. In part I wish to both warn readers who may labor under certain misapprehensions and make a bit of a DM Blog policy statement.
It is my view that those that have access to the administration tools of blogs have a specific set of community standards to uphold when it comes to anonymity and pseudonymity.

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