Like many (perhaps all) of my readers, I’ve been interested in certain things my entire life. Facts about the natural world. What things are. How things work. What will happen when you poke that with a stick? As luck would have it, I managed to turn this proclivity into my livelihood. Not bad. I also get to participate in a great human endeavor that lays down lasting improvements for our species and our planet. Nice. It would be great if this opportunity was available to all young children with similar interest would it not? Well, interest is great but children require a fertile environment in which to pursue their interests.
It was my great fortune to grow up in a science geek household. I can’t offer that advantage to any but a very limited group of mini-wackaloons but I can take some small and painless steps in that direction for more children. Today I am asking you to join me Dear Readers.

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