The One Meeeel-Yun Comment Contest

September 4, 2008

As previously noted, Seed is planning celebratory activities surrounding the posting of the one millionth comment to ScienceBlogs. The activities include a grand prize drawing, details are available here.

one lucky reader will win an all-out science adventure — a trip for two to New York City and exclusive science adventures only ScienceBlogs could give you access to.
The trip includes airfare, four nights in a four-star hotel, behind-the-scenes tours of top museums and labs, and dinner with your favorite ScienceBlogger

Page 3.14 will eventually have updates, including the scheduling of local events. Critical Borg nodes such as Minnesota, North Carolina and Michigan are rocking big events but other Sciblings may be willing to arrange a meet-up or in your area if you clamor for your favorite location.
[Update: Page 3.14 party list is up.]

No Responses Yet to “The One Meeeel-Yun Comment Contest”

  1. C-money Says:

    sounds good. i’m commenting for the sake of commenting then.


  2. That dinner isn’t going to be cooked by PhysioProf, is it? Cause, if it is, I’ll keep my commenting to a minimum just to be on the safe side.


  3. juniorprof Says:

    Do we get to choose the labs to tour in NYC. Watch out Jessell and Kandel labs, here I come….


  4. Pharmacus Says:

    Isis, you know it is unseemly to gloat, right?


  5. Unseemly but not untimely


  6. Arlenna Says:

    well I guess I better try to comment more then


  7. Arlenna Says:

    by the way, if you try to submit a comment without javascript enabled, you get to a URL that says “”


  8. Pharmacus Says:

    you might want to type slower in the URL field, Isis. Whoa that was a funky site you entered. Too much cooking sherry?


  9. DrugMonkey Says:
    San Fran and Seattle events have been added.


  10. Lou Says:

    DM and PP, you two not doing a party-type thing?
    (Shameless attempt at winning the jackpot)


  11. DrugMonkey Says:

    SiteMeter suggests that I do not have a huge number of readers in my geographic area. In the absence of a generic clamor around Sb for a meetup in my location and in the absence of emails from those (generally fellow bloggers) who can acquire high confidence of my location it didn’t seem worth it.


  12. DrugMonkey Says:

    With Zuska! No shit, the Z-storm herself.
    Times like these you wish The Field Negro read ScienceBlogs, eh?


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