SfN Annual Meeting 2008

September 4, 2008

Are you attending?

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  1. TreeFish Says:

    I’ll be there, giving a slide presentation early on. I might include a “PP+DM=W00t” insignia on my PowerPoint slides.


  2. pinus Says:



  3. juniorprof Says:

    I’ll be there, with bells on!


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    TreeFish: you wouldn’t!
    jp: Magic8ball says: free Jameson is in your future


  5. juniorprof Says:

    SWEET! I’m an awesome drunk…


  6. Ewan Says:

    The answer is no, but the prospect of inveigling myself into a JP/DM alcohol-fest is *very* tempting…
    …still: no, this will be the first one I miss since ’94. Professionally, I suppose I *should* be there – first year in new t-t position an’ all – but the fact that my second son is due Oct 24 kinda trumps this :-).
    I just this morning found out that my winter conference proposal has been wait-listed, which is effectively a rejection, and that sucks, so I may have to go to a Keystone or something. I have a conference call tomorrow to start the schedule organisation for next year’s ADA meeting, though, so that at least is pretty fixed.
    [Oh, and I appear to be in charge of the department seminar schedule. Anyone within driving distance of Albany, NY want to come give a resume-enhancing talk? :)]


  7. TreeFish Says:

    I’ve been known to put Ramen noodle animals on my posters, so you never know what to expect from the TreeFish.


  8. bsci Says:

    I’ll be there and presenting.
    TreeFish, if you make a nice insignia, are you willing to share?


  9. DrugMonkey Says:

    All I can say is that if I see reference to this blog on a poster or on slides I will have to come up with some schwag or door prize or something. If you do that you make sure you drop me a line (drugmnky at the googly one) with your presentation details and I or one of my agents will try very hard to stop by…


  10. pinus Says:

    If there is going to be swag, I will include a ‘drugmonkey’ easter egg on my poster*!
    *I hate posters.


  11. cashmoney Says:

    why do you hate posters?


  12. Dr A Says:

    I hate posters too. But I love swag. Save me some. And some Jameson.


  13. neuropeptide J Says:

    I love a good poster, good swag, and Jameson!


  14. Undecided. Want to (DC is best location, aside from beignetlessness) but might be starting a round of (yum!) IVF that month.
    Jeez, hit my oversharing quota even faster today.


  15. Beaker Says:



  16. PhysioProf Says:

    I’ll be there! I intend to be shit-faced drunk on Jameson the entire time.


  17. NeuroStudent Says:

    No–my PI & I made a deal that if I went to awesome small overseas conference then I wouldn’t go to SfN…oh well, it was worth it and there’s always next year.


  18. DrugMonkey Says:

    DC is best location, aside from beignetlessness
    HA! NOLA is objectively the best place for the SfN annual meeting my friend. No question. I can’t wait until we return. SD is the next best, how is this even in question. DC? not bad.
    Don’t get me wrong. Compared with the massive suckage of the LA conference center…


  19. juniorprof Says:

    I agree that NOLA is bar-none the best; however, I think South Beach (Miami) is number two. I like SD but I think I prefer DC. I’m biased though because I would fly to DC just to go have dinner at Zed’s, the little Ethiopian joint on the edge of Georgetown.


  20. DrugMonkey Says:

    “Zed’s”, check; “Krogs Aptieka”, thanks BioE!
    keep ’em coming…


  21. What is wrong with you people? New Orleans and San Diego (and don’t even get me started on the dreadful Disney SfN) have crappy public transit so you’re stuck in the tourist traps of Bourbon St or Gaslamp the whole time (unless you’re a PI and can afford a car rental). DC–you take the metro everywhere and can go to cool stuff, like museums, when you skip the (possibly hated) poster sessions.
    Also in DC we stay with my fabulous gay uncles who have a giant house and take us out to dinner. I believe that serves as empirical proof that DC rocks.


  22. DrugMonkey Says:

    pshaw Dr. J. NO has that trolly thingy that gets you out to the Garden District and really, where else would you want to go in NO? Swamptours have pickup and delivery from the hotels, do they not. Agreed Gaslamp SD sucks but there is the trolley system. and c’mon, November? Weather? hello? not sure where you are but SD weather is most excellent in November, other than the odd wildfire.
    (i got nothing on fabulous gay uncles, can I get in on that dinner invite?)


  23. DrJ/MsH – you MUST blog the IVF procedure. As keeper of torch of blogged medical procedures I tell you that you have a personal responsibility to share the good and bad with your readers who might be considering such procedures.
    Where is SfN? DC? Hmmm…I don’t study neurons but I do still have a few.


  24. Abel–awesome idea! I’ve already started with some snarky posts about the ridiculous suggestions from the docs like IVF, but it oddly hadn’t occurred to me to blog the procedure itself. Consider it a promise.
    DM–The fact that the only place in NO to go is the swamp tours is really all the explanation you need.
    And SD weather–what shall I say–it’s no better than the weather where I live.


  25. DrugMonkey Says:

    Swamp tours are the bomb! C’mon, who doesn’t like nutria?


  26. juniorprof Says:

    The real question is: will Sol be there?


  27. Dr Feelgood Says:

    I will be there boozing at the front page which is my usual NIH grant review boozing spot. I am planning a party that will be on sunday for the ASNTR (American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair) at the Science Club in DuPont Circle (super cool bar). Feel free to come by for free food and pay booze. I have two MDMA posters side by side on saturday afternoon.


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