Noah Gray, previously of the Action Potential blog of Nature Neuroscience, skirmisher on the old DM, and occasional punching bag of YHN has started a new blog called Nothing’s Shocking at our mortal enemy friendly rival science-blogging-network-thingy place. I’ve found Noah to be bit less of a stiff than the usual self-important and humorless blogger types at the NPG empire so I encourage you to read, even if you normally don’t frequent NN.
More importantly, the cause of the blog move is Noah’s promotion to the flagship Nature journal. So run on over and congratulate him, eh? Good on ya, Noah!

Many of you were, like me, a little sad to hear Propter Doc, author of post doc ergo propter doc blog, sign off a few months ago. Well, Propter Doc is back, sortof.
Author “KH” has launched a new blog entitled Lecturer Notes to reflect a new phase in the academic career of the blogger-previously-known-as-propter.
Grant proposal in 250 characters or less:

Ths grnt iz vry imptnt b’cos it wl sv the wrld. I wl uze chmcl tchnks 2 slv ths problm. I nd $ 4 chmcls & slvnt & lb kt. Rezultz wl b pblshd in lolchmstry.

Propter Doc is dead, Long Live KH! (or something like that)