One Million Comments

August 27, 2008

Is it really only impressive to hit one hundred billion comments?

Anyhoo, the OverLordz are anticipating that ScienceBlog readers will offer up the millionth comment in the next few weeks. My requests to have each blog drenched in electronic confetti and start auto-playing Sousa marches has fallen on deaf ears, I’ll have you know. Ahem. To celebrate this auspicious milestone (we are all about the discussion you know) some of the Sciblings will be arranging little reader meetups to extend thanks to you, DearReaders, in person. Dates will be sometime within the range of 9/14/08-9/28/08, depending on the host’s preferences and (presumably) local reader requests.
There will also be some other stuff. (The 500K comment milestone was discussed on this page which has a handy comment counter- currently standing at 978,485 comments.)
Michigan folks, check in with PalMD.
Oklahoma City peeps, go see ERV, (currently 9/16 at Hideaway Pizza).
North Carolina (see Coturnix) has the most Sb’ers and the biggest party including a back-stage zoo tour.
Minnesotans, stick to Greg Laden’s blog or float up on Pharyngula.

No Responses Yet to “One Million Comments”

  1. Ian Says:

    When I checked in just now it was 977,206 comments on sciblogs front page (of course, now it’s 977,207). Someone is telling a stretcher…!


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    and the 500K page is listing 981,696. IIRC from last time, it has something to do with discounting spam comments, >shrug


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