For some reason the Pondering blather blog has hovered at the edge of my vision but never come into full focus until today. My bad. Odyssey has been blogging since 2005 apparently including several topics of interest from the very start.
Such as science meetings:

The talks are often a side show. It’s the connections you make and stuff you talk about one on one that really makes for a good meeting. Of course liquid refreshments help with that aspect.

Science as white-male haven:

Of course the winners are not always guys. Mostly guys. Why is that? Don’t women do good science? Actually, women do great science. The most dynamic scientist in my department at Big State U happens to be a woman.

On denying tenure to your junior colleagues:

The other two? One has published but not managed to get any grant applications funded. Not that he hasn’t tried. He’s worked like a dog. The other has plenty of grant money, but hasn’t published. That I don’t understand. But there it is. Neither satisfied the criteria. So they won’t be put up. They won’t go into the tenure process because, in our collective opinion, they wouldn’t make it. Ever had to decide a friend’s fate like that? It sucks.

Did I mention that this was just the blogging from 2005? I know where I shall be spending some blog-reading time, as should you. Go Read.

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