An interesting discussion on the ethical implications of reviewing a manuscript that one has previously reviewed for a different journal has arisen in another venue. (Hat tip: various participants; not sure which of them want credit but they know who I’m talking about.) Since you, DearReaders, have considerable paper reviewing and submitting experience I thought I’d solicit some viewpoints.
What do you do when receiving a scientific paper to review that you have already reviewed for another journal?

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Deadwood tenured hallway trolls and random misogynist scientists everywhere are on high alert! The Grand Dame of Science Professor Blogging, Female Science Professor, has distilled, organized, re-writted, edited and arm-wrestled her best blog work into a “book-like” thing: Academeology: Random Musings, Strong Opinions & Somewhat Bizarre Anecdotes From An Academic Life. w00t!
It is available for purchase (print or download) from
The witty, erudite, inspirational (and occasionally plain intimidating) observations of FSP are a staple of feed-readers and blogrolls so I hardly need to point this out for my audience. No doubt most of you already are big fans of FSP (if not, what in the heck is wrong with you?).

Academia is notoriously tolerant of the unusual, the strange, the eccentric and the just plain freaky Professor. Some of this is undeserved, there are plenty of perfectly normal people (like me!) who make a go of it in academic research science. Other people have….quirks. Sharp edges that might be hammered down in other fields of endeavor. Or at least edges that must be guarded with a protective covering in the work environment, rather than brandished like a sacred talisman. Professor in Training opened the discussion with a query:

I’m just curious as to whether your perceptions of colleagues are altered if they have atypical non-work interests.
Ok, here’s an extreme, ridiculous example … if one of your colleagues was a brilliant teacher and well funded and respected researcher but you found out they had a penchant for Barbie dolls (male colleague) or monster truck rallies (female colleague), would you see them in a different light?

Short answer: It’s all good in science.

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