PRAXIS #1 is up!

August 16, 2008

PraxisAhh. Well. Yes. Readers may have noticed that the PP and YHN don’t quite come up to snuff on the SuperBloggerz2.0 standard. Speaking for myself, it’s mostly ’cause I just don’t get all that business. Like, wtf is this “carnival” action? I’ve submitted to a couple but still don’t really get it. Now, this brand spanking new Praxis carnival comes along and I better get with the program.

Why? Well, Praxis is:

intended to cover all aspects of life as an academic, whether it’s the lifestyle, career progress, doing a Ph.D., getting funding, climbing the slippery pole, academic life as a minority, working with colleagues and students, dealing with the peer-review process, publishing, grants, science 2.0, amusing anecdotes, conference experiences, philosophical musings, public engagement, or even historical articles about what life was like in the good (or bad) old days.
In other words, anything related to the experience of living the scientific. Not blogging about research, but blogging about everything that goes with being a researcher. A sort of “meta-science” carnival if you like.

Say what? I swear I had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of this thing! But it is like it is freaking tailor made for this blog. Hmm, I suspect Bora’s quail-bothering hand in all of this, trying to lure us into this carnivalia crap…
Wait. What? Bora’s hosting Praxis #1 over at A Blog Around the Clock? ..and, uh-oh…. he’s been…..busy.
I’m honored and humbled that Bora has seen fit to include a few entries from this blog, thanks d00d!
Go Read (the other entries).

And please, somebody please have pity and explain this carnival stuff to me? Please?

No Responses Yet to “PRAXIS #1 is up!”

  1. PhysioProf Says:

    And please, somebody please have pity and explain this carnival stuff to me? Please?

    Dude, were you born yesterday? There’s clowns and fortune tellers and cotton candy! It’s a motherfucking CARNIVAL!


  2. FSP Says:

    And can you also explain calling me a “GrandDame” in your Praxis comment? What is the male equivalent of that anyway?


  3. Seems odd to me that a couple of carnies would know so little about blog carnivals. Booyah!
    You’ll probably be shocked to learn that one of the best treatises on the definition, purpose and value of blog carnivals comes from Teh Internetz Schnoz himself.


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    can you also explain calling me a “GrandDame”

    2. A respected woman having extensive experience in her field: the grande dame of women’s professional tennis.

    because you are like the total bomb of prof-blogging who every freakin’ one else cites as an “I’m not worthy” inspiration”, that’s why!!!!


  5. I second the nomination of FSP as such.


  6. FSP Says:

    I wasn’t insulted or anything, but for some reason I am picturing a scary ancient woman with tall hair. Or a big hotel.


  7. Martin Says:

    Cheers for the promotion 🙂


  8. Martin Says:

    P.S. – I don’t suppose you’re up for taking the plunge and actually hosting an edition at some point? You know you want to…


  9. When I heard “grand dame” I imagined bustles and high lace collars and parasols. We could have tea and crumpets and discuss the finer points of science while doing needlepoint and waiting for Mr. Darcy to drop by. I totally wanted in.
    Martin, I think PP can host as long as there is no minimum f-word requirement. Or, on the other hand, perhaps there should be an f-wrod requirement. I could use a little practice with my creative swearing.


  10. PhysioProf Says:

    FSP, you were one of my five inspirations to start fucking blogging. The others were Zuska, BitchPhD, Driftglass, and Twisty Faster (I Blame The Patriarchy).


  11. PhysioProf Says:

    And just to be clear, DrugMonkey is not in that list because he was more than an inspiration; he was a mentor.


  12. DrugMonkey Says:

    Martin, it is not entirely out of the question.
    Isis and FSP, ‘grand dame’ to me connotes expertise and superiority (and perhaps tenure) to a greater extent than it does “old”. Although I have a similar percept for “doyenne” but I’m no shakier ground there.
    PP, stop with the reacharounds already!!


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