A’ight, DrugNut is asleep so I can sneak into his MT account and address a little issue that has been raveling my seams. Seems some SuperTurboBloggerz2.0 has been doing a little hating on sock puppets. Technically, I’m not actually a puppet but some of my best friends are and I’m happy to speak up for my oppressed and downtrodden woolen and cotton brethren.
The Word of SockMonkey
Now, it’s bad enough when demented tinfoil hat wackaloon blogoMcCarthy’s see sock puppets under every bed. But we’re talking a serious and well respected blogger here who wants sock puppets moved to the back of the bus.

The interviewer has no idea how big of an offense sockpuppetry is

Not just persona non grata, oh no. An “offense”. Rosa Parks never had it that bad.

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