More On Study Sections

July 30, 2008

Regular DrugMonkey commenter Becca has some more questions about study sections:

O Wise and Wonderous DrugMonkey… thank you for another extremely useful post. Like always, that just means I have more questions 🙂

What am I, fucking chopped liver!?

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A comment from drieken on a previous post asks:
Can anyone provide some context (eg, what’s a study section that’s not in the library?) for us not-yet-researchers?
This was echoed by a recent comment over at Evil Monkey’s pad.

is there an online resource that explains the entire grant review process (NIH, NSF, whatever)?

There was also an email I received some time ago asking for an overview of the NIH system (sorry for the delay on that!).
Let’s start with the NIH study section and how you should go about educating yourself with the information that you need to guide your own grant writing.

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