Incoming Editor in Chief of the Journal of Neurophysiology David J. Linden has written a fascinating editorial. As new Editors often do, he lays out his vision of science publishing. If I am not sorely mistaken, he is issuing a little smackdown to the GlamourMagz!

I’ve always greatly admired the scientific ethos of Journal of Neurophysiology. Reading the Journal reminds me of what I like best about science. I like that it publishes full-length reports,
which are still being cited 20 or 30 years on. I like that each paper can stand on its own, without 10 supplemental online figures… Most importantly, I like that Journal of Neurophysiology has been guided solely by publishing excellent and interesting science, regardless of perceived “sexiness” or “impact factor.”

Almost makes you want to jump into some neurophysiology yourself, doesn’t it? And he’s not done…

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