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Pioneering cardiac and vascular surgeon Michael E. DeBakey passed away last week. He was an absolute lion of surgical innovation. And it wasn’t as though he didn’t have a little prime-time lustre himself.

DeBakey, physician to such notables as the Duke of Windsor, the Shah of Iran, King Hussein of Jordan and Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, had a long and distinguished career as a medical pioneer and a public policy statesman. This year he was awarded one of the nation’s highest civic honors, the Congressional Gold Medal.

Still, the always insightful media-watcher (and Sb SuperReader) Anonymoustache noticed something a little bit odd:

There were two deaths that got some significant coverage in the news today.
There was a trend to this coverage, of course. Virtually every news outlet gave big-time splashy front page status to one of these two people. The other received also-ran status from some outlets while he was completely omitted from the front pages of the rest.

What is wrong with this world? Guess who the also-ran was? Go read, but make sure you are in a place you can scream at the computer for a few minutes.