Welcome ChemicalBiLOLogy To Science Blogtopia

July 2, 2008

Please welcome Arlenna’s new blog ChemicalBiLOLogy to the science blogosphere! Arlenna is a biomedical scientists who is starting as a new tenure-track faculty member at a major research university this Fall. As an example of the great work she is already doing on her new blog, check out this outstanding post on how to write a good K99/R00 grant application.

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  1. Arlenna Says:

    Hey thanks for the link, I’m glad you think my K99 post looks useful, I certainly had to learn that one the hard way through two resubmissions but I think everyone is these days since it’s so new. Except the people who have mentors on the study sections, they seemed to get the inside scoop earlier on.


  2. Piled Higher, Deeper Says:

    “You can’t spell ‘Biololgy’ without LOL!”
    you can use that A.
    srsly, nice post on the Kangar00 app.


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