A paper by Griffiths and colleagues has just appeared in the OnlineFirst archive of the Journal of Psychopharmacology. It describes a 14 month followup to their original paper on the spiritual and other effects of psilocybin consumption in humans.
The summary is short and sweet.

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Are you a graduate student, postdoctoral trainee or even a professor who is considering some other career path than the traditional professorial, research-heavy appointment? The Mad Hatter and The Bean-Mom are the main conspirators behind a new group blog called “The Alternative Scientist“. From the opening post:

The impetus to start an alternative careers blog came from both my own struggles to find the right career path for me, and the observation that open discussions about alternative career options are still relatively scarce in academia. I’m thrilled to be joined by several other excellent science bloggers who have their own experiences and ideas about alternative science careers to share. They are listed on the sidebar with links to their own blogs, so go check them out!

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