PP's Worst Frolickin' Nightmare: Link Vomitus!

June 27, 2008

Now the PP’s been a little frisky this week. Gettin’ up the noses of the postdocs, Open Access Nozdrul (twice! although curiously not a bill nor a Bora in sight), dreamers who want lyrical masterpieces instead of geeky science articles. Not to mention the Care Bears fans.
So I’m going to let you in on a little hint on getting your own back. With no further delay…

Link Vomitus!!

Anonymoustache is picking ’em up and laying ’em down on Will and Failure.
double-doc is geeking out with CRISP…we likes!

In case you are wondering, that’s 3 of 71 funded R01s on MFO in 2008 were held by investigators at the rank of Assistant Professor (Yes, I updated the ##s when I discovered that I failed to remove two funded assistant professors when I determined that their R01s weren’t directly related to MFO, so it is actually nearly twice as bad as I thought originally). What does this look like for your favorite organism?

JUNIORPROF wants you to consume less and produce more….scientific articles.

with all of this consuming comes a grave danger: talking yourself out of creativity. All too often this is linked to negative data in published manuscripts (at least that is my opinion). You know how it goes, so and so shows nicely that X is involved in some effect and a single experiment shows that Y “does not play a role”. I, for one, cannot stand that crap

New-to-me blogger snippets from:
Professor Chaos

This week the new ISI impact factors came out and I eagerly perused the new standings among my favorite academic journals. I don’t know why I am so interested, but the journal scene has become something of a soap opera to me. … I want stop here and make it crystal clear that I am NOT ranting about NSF (though I understand this would be a funnier posting if I was). When funding rates hit 8% (or lower, which I suspect happened on this last round), program officers have to make some tough choices….I don’t know if the system is “broken” in the field that many of the DrugMonkey subscribers belong to, I’m not qualified to comment. In ecology, I think our system is not perfect. I’ve seen good people get shuffled out of the system through no fault of their own. I’ve seen people whom I would classify as mental midgets get very good jobs instead.

Nathaniel Blair (The Junction Potential):

Wait! You’re a postdoc, blogging under your own name? Are you insane?…Because I won’t surrender my idealism for the project of Science. If that means I “fail” in the end, well, I will have my head held high when that time comes. I would rather live with the failure than to abandon my principles…That is, in the Thomson ISI database, citations made in supplementary data are not counted in the “Times Cited” count. That’s worrying to me,

And finally….I’m dying here. Seriously.
It’s The Field Negro squaring off against Sagacious Hillbilly.
What’s that Field?

You Negroes would no longer be allowed to watch BET….If I ran the NRB Negroes could not have house pets. That is for white folks….We would prefer if you were out in the open and not on the DL. That DL stuff is having some consequences…As head of the NRB, I would make sure that my black sisters know that it’s cool to continue watching Oprah for now. But that could change. Just listen out for further announcements from the NRB.

hit ’em hard Sagacious!

Don’t be marrying your cousin. Yea, I know, it’s a mile and a half down the holler to the hard road and then another four miles to the nearest store and cousin Emma is the only girl even close to your age between here and there…..Don’t talk to the media. Really, when some prick from the national media comes to your town because there was a mine disaster, a flood or they just want to parade around some ignorant hill folk, just say “NO.”…All that confederate flag says is that you’re a dumbass ignorant hillbilly who is probably a racist thug. Yea, that’s it. When you display one of those you’re an embarrassment to yourself and the people around you. Same goes for those ignorant bumper stickers that say “The south’s gonna rise again.” It might, but it won’t be with morons like you at the helm.

It’s the “Negro Review Board” versus the “Hillbilly Review Board”. Proper.

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