Raise a Glass and Toast the Tenure Promotion of …

May 23, 2008

Dr. Free-Ride! A huge and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Dr. (soon to be) Associate Professor Janet D. Stemwedel who notes over at Adventures in Ethics and Science that San Jose State University has found her meritorious of the award of Associate Professor with tenure.

I should note, BTW, that I’ve been awaiting the answer to a little issue Janet raised last fall.

Hey, is that a tab that says “Academic Blogging”?
Yes, it is.
My department has been quite insistent that the blogging I do here does constitute a kind of scholarly activity that ought to be recognized. They think that communicating philosophy to a wider audience is A Good Thing. So, a colleague wrote an evaluative letter about a selection of posts, and that letter and the posts are included in the dossier. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I guess it went very well indeed!

5 Responses to “Raise a Glass and Toast the Tenure Promotion of …”

  1. Janet kicks ass!
    [/Trey Parker’s Eric Cartman voice]


  2. S. Rivlin Says:

    I wonder what yours and Janet’s readers think of the public celebration of her being awarded tenure and promotion. Will we be notify of negative news in bloggers’ careers and respond by sending our condolences?


  3. PhysioProf Says:

    Several current and former ScienceBloggers have blogged about negative career news.
    For example, Rob Knop blogged extensively and in great detail about his inability to secure external grant funding and consequent inability to achieve tenure at Vanderbilt University.
    More recently, Sciencewoman has blogged about her failure to get a manuscript published before getting what she perceived as “scooped”, and about her feelings of inadequacy triggered by a junior colleague’s recent publication of a paper in a C/N/S journal.


  4. S. Rivlin Says:

    PP, thanks for the information.


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