Perennial Playboy Magazine Top-Ten Party School San Diego State University is in the news following the arrest of some of its students on allegations of illicit drug dealing and drug possession. The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting:

Federal agents and SDSU police culminated a yearlong investigation into drug dealing around campus yesterday, …Ninety-six suspects, including 75 SDSU students, have been arrested on drug-related charges…The SDSU Police Department approached the DEA and county narcotics task-force officials for assistance in December, when it became clear that the trafficking was more widespread than it could handle.
Investigation seizures by the numbers (sidebar; SOURCE: SD County District Attorney’s Office)

  • 50: Pounds of marijuana
  • 4: Pounds of cocaine
  • 3: Semiautomatic handguns
  • 1: Shotgun
  • 48: Marijuana plants
  • 350: Ecstasy pills
  • 30: Vials of hash oil
  • $60,000: Cash

Sadly, the investigation was sparked by a drug-overdose fatality, albeit of an anonymous undergraduate rather than someone as famous as Heath Ledger or Len Bias. There is also another drug-overdose fatality caught up in this story.
I want to talk about Jennifer Poliakoff and Kurt Baker today.

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DrugMonkey posted yesterday about the “A2 bump” and other study section behaviors that are designed to create a “holding pattern” for grants that will ultimately almost-certainly be funded, but only as a subsequent resubmission. Although he alluded to the fact that this kind of behavior is greatly encouraged when funding is very tight, he didn’t really explicitly lay out why. So here we go!

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