Salvia divinorum smoking is apparently popular with the kids these days.
Drug Law Blog had a recent note on progress of a California Assembly bill AB 259 which:

Provides that any person who sells, dispenses, distributes, furnishes, administers, gives, or offers to sell, dispense, distribute, furnish, administer or give Salvia divinorum, or Salvinorin A, or any substance or material containing Salvia divinorum or Salvianorin [sic] A, to any person under 18 years of age shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Currently legal psychoactive? Efforts afoot to regulate and/or limit use? Game on, DearReader…

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The Centers for Disease Control reported a higher number of measles cases in the US for first quarter 2008 in a recent report [h/t: occasional commenter ddt].

However, during January 1–April 25, 2008, a total of 64 confirmed measles cases were preliminarily reported to CDC, the most reported by this date for any year since 2001. Of the 64 cases, 54 were associated with importation of measles from other countries into the United States, and 63 of the 64 patients were unvaccinated or had unknown or undocumented vaccination status.

The CDC also took the opportunity for directly addressing idiot anti-vaccination parents such as the ones causing the San Diego measles scare. Bravo.

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