Heart Surgery for Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin

April 25, 2008

A brief note of best wishes and speedy recovery for Dr. Shulgin. The MAPS recently noted that Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin underwent heart surgery to repair an aortic valve in early April.

Alexander Sasha Shulgin–legendary psychedelic chemist, consciousness explorer, and author–had heart surgery on Tuesday, April 8th. The surgery was done in order to replace a defective aortic heart valve. He is recovering well, and we anticipate complete recovery within two to three months.
The CaringBridge Web site is being used to keep us up-to-date on Sasha’s progress. CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization that helps friends and families stay connected. Anyone can use the site to check in on Sasha, read the journal entries, and send him messages by signing the guest book. Please send all your good vibes and healing energies to him! We wish him a speedy recovery.

My readers who follow the MDMA posts will no doubt join me in echoing the warm sentiments, even if we are “good vibes” and “healing energies” skeptical!
For those who are unfamiliar with Shulgin, the above-linked bios are a good place to start. Then read over the entry on MDMA from PIHKAL hosted on Erowid.
Finally, a little video taste of Shulgin on consciousness (he comes on about 2:25):

…and on the tryptamines:

You might wander over to the CaringBridge site established by his wife Ann if you have anything to say about Sasha Shulgin.

2 Responses to “Heart Surgery for Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin”

  1. Missed this the other day – I have tremendous respect the great pharmacologists of our time and Dr Shulgin is certainly one. Here’s wishing all the best for a speedy recovery to the king of the self-bioassay. Thanks for the link to the CaringBridge site.


  2. Neuro-conservative Says:

    FYI — Albert Hoffman died today at age 102.


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