Vindictive ScienceBlogger Accuses PhysioProf of Being WRONG!

April 19, 2008

PhysioProf was just minding his own business, clicking around visiting some of his fellow ScienceBloggers, when he stumbled upon this scurrilous attack by Sciencewoman:

Dear PhysioProf,
You’re wrong. Here’s why.

I am shocked, shocked, I tell you! The nerve of accusing me of being WRONG!
OK. Just kidding. Seriously, what Sciencewoman is talking about is a difference of opinion concerning how non-tenured tenure-track faculty should allocate their time, which originated in a comment I made to an earlier post of hers:

Getting completed work out the door should always be at the absolute top of the to-do list of junior tenure-track faculty, without exception. It should come before teaching, administrative, doing new studies, eating, sleeping, or even taking a fucking whizz.

She describes the essence of our difference of opinion as follows:

[L]et’s talk about the real issue on which we seem to disagree. In the finite amount of research time available, how does a junior tenure-track faculty member prioritize their time? You suggest that writing the papers comes ahead of any other part of the process. I’d advocate for a more holistic approach that recognizes the importance of publishing completed work, but also respects the research pipeline.

My purpose here is basically to urge DrugMonkey’s readers to head over there and read her excellent post, so I’m not going to steal her thunder. Go over there now and read what she has to say!
I do want to make one somewhat more general point, because I am so fucking pissed off at being accused of being WRONG!
Just kidding again. As a general principle, it’s actually not particularly important to me that I be right. What’s important to me is that I give people an impetus to think.
And I am exceedingly pleased that my original comment got Sciencewoman thinking about this issue, because effectively prioritizing one’s efforts is absolutely essential to success as a junior PI.

12 Responses to “Vindictive ScienceBlogger Accuses PhysioProf of Being WRONG!

  1. juniorprof Says:

    I liked it better when the feigned outrage didn’t have qualifiers.
    Anyway, thanks for pointing out a nice conversation on an important topic. I believe that reading the thread got me into some sort of meta-procrastination state of consciousness while trying to get my top priority out the door.


  2. bill Says:

    PP, I’m with jp, you’re getting soft. The old PP would never have added the qualifiers.
    I think all the brawling with that Laden guy has taken its toll.


  3. Propter Doc Says:

    Yep. You make us think. Good.


  4. PhysioProf Says:

    Yep. You make us think. Good.

    How about a fucking cookie, for fuck’s sake!?


  5. PhysioProf Says:

    PP, I’m with jp, you’re getting soft. The old PP would never have added the qualifiers.
    I think all the brawling with that Laden guy has taken its toll.

    You wanna be the motherfucking tucheslacker I prove my bona fides with!?!?


  6. arby Says:

    Maybe go with the half-caf next Sunday. rb


  7. arby Says:

    Define: tucheslacker. Lacking tuches?


  8. PhysioProf Says:

    It has come to my attention that “tucheslacker” is a variant spelling of “tuches lecker”, which is Yiddish for “ass licker/kisser”. However, I still insist on pronouncing it “toosh slacker”!


  9. S. Rivln Says:

    Actually it is really “tucheslaker”.


  10. Sockeye Salmon Says:

    Actually it is really “tucheslaker”. “

    OMG! Surely you are not going to let this “gonzo” “in your face” attitude from some anonymous commenter go unquestioned, are you PP? It is a MORTAL insult!!!!!11!!!


  11. BugDoc Says:

    This is a really important topic for junior faculty. I guess reality has to be somewhere in between. There’s no question that the primary metric by which we are evaluated is publications. However, since it can be a lengthy process to get grants these days, it could be problematic to keep putting off writing grants until you have all your papers off your desk (especially since productive labs keep the papers coming!). Thus, I think there is some level at which grant writing has to be continually fit into the mix to make sure that the money keeps on coming. Other things such as teaching and service fit it whereever you can squeeze them.


  12. drdrA Says:

    Ditto to BugDoc- esp. if you need to have a federal grant before the end your first three years as junior faculty, and the current funding situation being what it is your first R01 WILL go through 3 cycles of review… at least… Grant writing and paper writing complete… its a maddening chicken and egg thing.


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