Fearless Filtering of the Firehose: The SuperSekrit (shh) Feed

April 9, 2008

You may recall a prior communique in which I mentioned an upcoming project of the Borg.

The overlords are up to a new project which is intended to get some of our (meaning SB) readers to tell the rest of our (meaning SB) readers what hot stuff they should be reading on the SB. This can be viewed a little like the “top 5 most active” and “top 5 most emailed” sidebar links, only with a little more thoughtful input from readers. Readers as in a select subset of contributing regular readers, rather than the google-horde that stops by for pictures of whassername or the other horde that stops by for the stench of calamari.

You may also have noticed that the “TopFive” box on the main Sb page now features a section for “Readers’ Picks” that replaces the previous category of “Most Emailed”.
There’s more! and the TopSekrit info is Revealed! below the fold.

A fresh new feed joins the family, this one selected entirely by readers of our blogs. You may find it here (http://feeds.delicious.com/rss/SbReaderClub).
Why should you subscribe to yet another Sb feed? Well, hopefully this one will give you a new and exciting look into corners of the Sb universe that you do not habitually frequent. The feed is populated by individual readers nominated by each blog; we each were allowed to nominate up to two readers for this purpose. These readers then flag a few posts for the “Readers’ Picks” feed each and every week. Although they are free to flag whatever they find interesting from any blog the idea is that the best posts from all of the little reader-spheres within ScienceBlogs will receive attention. Hopefully you will find some good stuff popping up that you would otherwise not normally run across in your blog reading.
Our heartfelt thanks to all who have volunteered to serve as Readers for this new feed. We extend an enthusiastic and specific DrugMonkey thanks to juniorprof and Anonymoustache!

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