Blogrolling: JUNIORPROF and Blue Lab Coats

April 1, 2008

I added a couple of additional scientist blogs to the Blogroll, I think you will enjoy them. These are blogs are each recently launched, from active biologically oriented research scientist and are already discussing issues of careerism and the science life. This warms the cockles of YHN’s heart.

First up is long-time DM commenter juniorprof who has launched his eponymous blog, JUNIORPROF. About bloody time! Our readers will be familiar with his often blog-worthy comments on various aspects of the bioscience career and will no doubt be delighted to read his posts on science and…er, scientist fashion? He’s musing on really early career stuff like the RealPolitiks of the job search process, negotiating the startup package and acquiring one’s first trainees,
Next is the new-to-me drdra and her Blue Lab Coats blog. There’s a series on the academic job search (one, two, three, four), some on women faculty and the parent-scientist.
Good stuff in both blogs, go read.

6 Responses to “Blogrolling: JUNIORPROF and Blue Lab Coats”

  1. Good choices, chief – I just got some comments from Blue Lab Coats and went over to sniff around – a great addition.


  2. drdrA Says:

    Wow, THANKS for putting me on your blogroll. I’ll try to keep both the lab and the blog running… and hope someone will find them both useful!


  3. PhysioProf Says:

    Yeah, those are both great fucking blogs! Although juniorprof really needs to lay off that fashion crap.


  4. juniorprof Says:

    Thanks for the incredible spike in traffic DM! And thanks for playing a major role in getting me involved in this blogging thing, its been a joy thus far.
    Lay off PP, you know you like it!


  5. JSinger Says:

    On the Chirpy, Exuberant Young Grad Student side, I discovered Chances Are I’m Going To Hell For This when the author annoyed Young Female Scientist in her comments section, and love it. Start with work hard, play hard


  6. Crystal Says:

    i always knew i’d be famous for something! had high hopes it would be for fantastic science, but hell, i’ll take being annoying!


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