Today Show on Immunizations Leads with San Diego Measles Outbreak

March 24, 2008

The Today Show took up the vaccination issue today and used the recent San Diego measles situation as the lure.
Matt Lauer served up a softball for his physician guest with this remark:

It seems to me the priority should be putting an end to this debate over whether these vaccines cause other conditions

For a mainstream media piece (and let’s face it, we’re talking the Today Show) this was a pretty good answer to Lauer’s possibly rhetorical question. The antivaxer family in the lead got minimal play and the majority was the medical community response to antivaxer positioning. Nicely done.
[Update: I just noticed that revere has a post on immunizing children against influenza up. Yeah, what he said.]

One Response to “Today Show on Immunizations Leads with San Diego Measles Outbreak”


    I cannot believe that people are not getting their kids to a doctor or clinic for the needed shots to prevent these diseases. my sons 41 and 60 were both ill with measles no proaction then …….hope they wake up..It is serious.Alice


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