One of the kids over at bayblab wants a shot at the title and so s/he’s thrown down a little smack. Tried to start some beef with ScienceBlogs. The main critiques appear to be the fact that SB bloggers get paid and that SB bloggers aren’t science-y enough. Bayblab contributor bayman amps it up:

You might also have entitled that post – “How ScienceBlogs Is Killing Blogging”.

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Propter Doc published an interesting post today concerning her to-do list, which she characterized as more of a pyramid:

At the top there is a task, with some kind of importance. Not necessarily the most important thing to me, but someone has told me that I must do that before all other tasks. So then it becomes the apex of the pyramid. Immediately below it, on the next level, are the couple of that I think are important or urgent. The ones that are important to me. The next level is populated by those tasks that are on the horizon, not yet important but still demanding of some attention. Now, the problem starts when that top task becomes difficult for some reason. In this pyramid scheme I’m not allowed to move beyond the top level until the task there is complete.

She recognizes that this is counterproductive, as it keeps her from getting to what is really important for fulfilling her professional goals as an academic scientist. Some thoughts on how to construct a more self-fulfilling to-do system are below the fold.

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