Live-blogging a Vasectomy: PSA from Abel Pharmboy

February 22, 2008

Everyone is already all over this but Abel Pharmboy liveblogged his vasectomy yesterday. As the DM noted at the new digs, this was a Public Service Announcement:

But the very serious part of this post is to educate men on how mild a vasectomy is relative to tubal ligation in their female partner. As I said, this is the least I could do in return for my wife’s true suffering in bringing our lovely daughter into this world.

What some people will do for the greater good…

2 Responses to “Live-blogging a Vasectomy: PSA from Abel Pharmboy”

  1. In cycling terms, it was about as bad as I felt after my first century, way back before we had those anatomically-designed saddles. Mind you that I’m a very slow rider so a century took me over six hours. Thanks for the link, bro.


  2. bikemonkey Says:

    those suckers work for you? i’ve never been impressed with anato-gelpaddo-gew-gawery myself. my big issue is the shape has to be right. the old SelleItalia Turbo was nigh on to perfect for my anatomy. vary too much from that and I was in a world of hurt. even when they started tarting up that basic shape with cutouts or gel or whatnot, it didn’t seem to offer any difference…


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