Jessica Palmer’s outstanding Bioephemera blog has just joined the Scienceblogs consortium, and it is a great addition. Jessica will be blogging on all sorts of cross-cutting science- and art-related topics. Bioephemera also has some regular commenters who will add to the diversity of perspectives here, including one who quipped about the move:

Ah … science people … (roll eyes) !

Seriously, it is going to be a lot of fun to have Bioephemera here, so please check it out!
And one last thing: Jessica is also an outstanding painter. A bunch of her amazing work is posted at the original Bioephemera site.

OMG! And now we find out Female Science Professor has talent for hilarious cartoons too? We are not worthy….

Click the picture for the rest…

The inestimable Dr. Free-Ride has started a series (Part 1) on scientific careerism in which she is pondering the project of being a grownup scientist. Naturally, YHN likes. However, the first post and teaser title for the second strikes a certain, er, tone:

Grown-up chemists had a huge body of unwritten knowledge to draw upon, it seemed. But hardly any of it seemed to be the focus of our graduate training — at least, not explicitly.

Coming up: Why don’t most advisors talk about the things grad students most want to learn from them?

Coming up below the fold: Why are graduate students and postdocs so aggressively clueless about their careers?

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